Destiny 2: How to Beat the First Encounter in the Scourge of the Past Raid

Destiny 2 Black Armory Scourge of the Past Raid

Destiny 2’s latest raid, Scourge of the Past, is now live and that means guardians are assembling their fireteams to take down the latest threat for a chance at some sweet loot. This time, players will venture into a new section of the Last City to cut down a threat that is growing there. But to get to the final boss, players must first clear the “Berserker” starting encounter to access the sewers. Here’s how to unravel this strange encounter in Destiny 2.

When players load into Scourge of the Past, they will want to head toward the center of the City until they find an enemy called a Berserker. When players approach the enemy, it will create a bubble that will suppress players. When the shield goes up, the Berserker will expose its weak spots to drop the shield. Once the shield is down, players can easily clear him out with something powerful, like the Thunderlord exotic machine gun. When the Berserker is defeated, he will drop a charge that must be deposited in one of the Fallen machines. The receptacle will look similar to the ones used during the Fallen Walker public event.

Players will deposit the first charge on top of a building in the center of the area to get a holographic map to spawn, which will serve as the guide for the entire encounter. This area should be familiar to those who saw the teaser trailer for the raid. When players pick up a charge, the holder will be given the Unstable Reaction debuff. If the charge is not deposited in the proper machine before the timer runs out, it will kill the player.

After depositing a charge, that player will have the Ionized debuff that prevents them from picking up another charge until the timer runs out. They should swap with a member of map team if needed. Teams should split into three teams of two: one group per charge and one group to guard the map.

The map will show where teammates are, as well as the Berserkers and the nodes that need to be charged (marked with one-to-five dots). Berserkers with a red dot above their map icon (red triangles) will drop two charges, while the other Berserkers will drop one. When players pick up a charge, their map icon will show a number of dots indicating which drop point they need to go to. Teams should coordinate and make callouts for each side of the map, and be as close to the recommended power level as possible.

Map team will be dealing with a lot of adds, including Servitors which will disable the map if they get too close. They should use weapons like the recently-nerfed Ikelos Shotgun or Thunderlord to make short work of them. Each charge carrier needs a partner to help clear out hads near the receptacle and to kill the Servitor nearby. These Servitors will try to prevent the despoit and must be eliminated first.

Once the required charges have been dropped off, players will drop down the hole in the ground and prepare for one of the next parts of the raid. This encounter relies heavily on communication, so teams should make sure everyone is on the same page. After players clear this section of the raid, they are one step closer to earning the snazzy new Anarchy exotic Grenade Launcher in the final encounter.

Destiny 2: Black Armory is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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