Today, Destiny 2 launched the first of four planned challenges for the Leviathan Raid. First up is the Royal Pools encounter, which for many Destiny 2 players was their first in Leviathan.

Royal Pools Mechanics

In case any might not be aware, the basics of the Royal Pools are fairly simple. Four players need to stand on plates in the four corners of the room, but they can only do so while a Psionic Protection buff is active. So the Destiny 2 fireteam to rotate standing on the plates and going to the center of the room, where a Psionic Protection orb continuously respawns.


Once the team has stood on the plates for long enough, the center room will display three sets of three purple lanterns. The group will then stand on the plate in the middle of the center room and destroy the lanterns for as long as the Psionic Protection buff is active, and then return to the outside rooms and start the process again. So, with those basic mechanics in mind, here is how the Royal Pools challenge works.

The Royal Pools Challenge

The key to completing the Royal Pools challenge is keeping a player in the center room at all times. Initially, it was thought that the player needed to stay on the center plate, but that is not the case. He/she only needs to be in the water in the center room.

It’s important to mention, though, that the player’s feet cannot leave the water at any point during the entire encounter, so no jumping. Also, the team can rotate who stands in the water if they like, but someone’s feet must be touching the water at all times.

With the new challenge active, teams will have to change up their strategies a bit. What we recommend is having a dedicated player in the center pool, and rotating the 5 remaining team members in a clockwise pattern starting with top right. It’s also best to keep a ranged power weapon handy, like Merciless or Wardcliff Coil.

destiny 2 royal pool psionic orb

This does mean that some plates will be empty at certain points, but it shouldn’t add too much time towards getting to the damage phase. There will also be more enemies at each plate since some will be left empty for a few seconds, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

The other thing that’s important to point out is that the Psion blasts will disqualify the team if every player flies up in the air. So, it’s important to focus on enemies during the lantern damage phase, to ensure that this scenario does not occur.

On Prestige difficulty, the Royal Pools challenge will prove slightly more difficult, but not by much. Players can still rotate clockwise, but after the first lantern damage phase they will need to go to specific plates to start. The only major thing to worry about is the bathers dropping their debuff upon death, so try not to kill them on a plate.

Once complete, the Royal Pools challenge will reward a second chest that contains a guaranteed raid drop. For normal difficulty, this can be anything from the Royal Pools loot table and for prestige difficulty, it should be a piece of armor.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.