Following the very successful console beta for its highly anticipated shooter, Destiny 2, Bungie finds itself with only a month left before the gates finally open to the public. While the studio finalizes its tweaks and changes based on player feedback, fans can turn their attention over to the Rockstar Energy Drink promotion, which is finally live. After the promotion kicked off a bit earlier than expected thanks to Reddit and YouTube users revealing the existence of Destiny 2 branded Rockstar Energy drinks, the official website provides a bit more information on what players can look forward to.

Though the website is live, details surrounding the program continue to be razor thin. According to the website, players can start entering codes found on the tab of Destiny 2 branded Rockstar Energy cans on September 1. From there, players are rewarded with in-game loot in addition to a chance to win legendary prizes. Based on the individual cans, prizes include PlayStation 4 Pro systems along with Destiny 2 Collector’s Editions.

Interestingly enough, the cans feature one of the three Destiny 2 classes on them. It appears that this isn’t some random selection however, as players also have a chance of winning a Titan, Hunter, or Warlock specific Husqvarna Motorcycle. Based on the initial image, players can at least expect to find the Titan on the original flavor can, the Warlock on the Rockstar Punched, and the Hunter on the zero carb blue can.

Downloadable content, such as the items found from this promotion, are a a vital element to Destiny 2 this time around. Activision has spoken at length about the topic and how Bungie has created a brand new system for delivering content at a faster pace, hoping to combat lengthy drought periods prevalent during the first game’s lifespan. One way the publisher plans to address post-launch support is by calling more studios in to help such as High Moon and┬áVicarious Visions. If Activision has its way, players will be enjoying new things to do at a more consistent pace.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24th for PC.

Source: Rockstar