There are a lot of games releasing later this year, and one of the biggest names is, no doubt, Destiny 2. The sequel to one of the biggest games of this generation looks to have another massive following on its hands, positioning itself to be another massive marketing tool. While it may not be spoiling details regarding an upcoming expansion as Red Bull did two years ago, Bungie and Activision have once against partnered with another energy drink company for an upcoming Destiny 2 promotion.

Images and videos on YouTube have begun popping up showing Rockstar Energy Drinks branded with Destiny 2 images and logos. Depending on the flavor, the cans seem to be displaying random guardians without their helmets on the packaging. Just like the Red Bull promotion, cans feature a code that can be redeemed online which then unlock in-game gear. Even though cans have been spotted in the wild already, reports indicate that the codes cannot be redeemed until September 1.

At this time, Bungie has remained silent on the promotion, though Rockstar has opened up a small support page. However, details on the support page remain slim for the time being. Unfortunately, details on potential loot unlocked through these codes isn’t available, though that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating the loot will likely be on par with the previous Destiny drink promotion.

This news shouldn’t be surprising as Bungie has a long history with partnering with popular drink brands. Mountain Dew was typically seen with a Halo branded label near the release of a new game back when the developer was working on that series. Just three years ago, Red Bull carried Destiny-branded cans. After entering the code, Destiny fans could unlock a few things including a Swiftriver Sparrow, a new speed inspired in-game quest, and a valuable XP booster consumable.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24th for PC.

Source: TTG YouTube; Rockstar Energy