Speculation regarding Destiny 2 has been heating up after a number of recent leaks, including the reveal of a potentially official poster for the game. Now, however, the wait for fans is finally over, after Bungie officially announced the title. The reveal comes courtesy of Twitter, where the developer posted an update to the official Destiny account.

Alongside the image itself, however, there’s little news to be found from official sources. For now, fans of the original Destiny after more information can check out the embedded post below, which brings the first true reveal of Destiny 2 from an official Bungie source.

Fans have been on high alert for any official announcements regarding Destiny 2, after a number of extremely enticing leaks and rumors that have been swirling around the internet over the last week. Fans of the original title were able to gather plenty of evidence for speculation from the poster itself, with its apparent PS4 focus suggesting that there may be an exclusive PS4 beta in the works for Sony fans, with some believing the beta itself could begin some time in June.

Some gamers, however, have already suggested that their own Destiny 2 experience has already been locked in. A prominent Twitch mod from Germany shared an image of his Destiny 2 pre-order for PC online, while German GameStop cached website links also led to a PC pre-order page for the much-wanted sequel. So, it may well be that those PC users who felt like they missed out on the original title will finally have a chance to explore the universe of Destiny.

Of course, all eyes will now be on Bungie to see when more Destiny 2 details drop. In particular, fans will want to know exactly which systems the game will be available for, and console users will also want to know if the upgraded PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio will have any additional features. There are also lots of questions about when the game will be released, with the leaked poster pointing to a release date of September 8, 2017.

For now, though, the wait is on. After all, this image gives little information about the game itself, and gamers will now be expecting to hear something more substantial about Destiny 2. Be sure to keep an lookout for any further reveals from Bungie.

Destiny 2 is currently in development, with a targeted 2017 release.

Source: Twitter