Destiny 2 will be in players’ hands two days sooner, as the game was just given a new release date. Now Destiny 2 will launch on Wednesday, September 6 instead of Friday, September 8.

The date was first revealed at the Sony E3 Media Briefing at the end of a new Destiny 2 trailer, and it left fans scratching their heads. The trailer showed off a number of PlayStation exclusives for the game, which left many wondering if PS4 was getting an early release of the game.

But Destiny 2‘s game director Luke Smith tweeted and clarified that the sequel to Bungie’s sci-fi looter shooter will release on all consoles September 6, 2017:

Activision also confirmed on Twitter that the date was not a mistake, although neither Bungie nor Activision have given a clear explanation as to why the change occurred—or why the game would release on a non-traditional Wednesday release date.

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Mark Noseworthy, the project lead for Destiny 2 told Geoff Keighley that the release date will allow all regions to have a midnight launch on that day. Assuming by that Noseworthy perhaps means that a midnight launch is better in the middle of the week instead of on a Friday that could shift some regions’ launch nights to the weekend.

That wasn’t the only launch date Bungie revealed at E3. September 6 will be the ship date for consoles, but Bungie also finally revealed the release date for the PC version, which will release on October 24, about a month and a half after the console versions on PS4 and Xbox One.

Consoles will also be getting a beta in July, with PC getting its beta in late August.

In addition to showing off the exclusives that players will get with Destiny 2 on PS4, Sony showed a new story trailer that focused on the game’s big baddie, Ghaul.

Destiny 2 is now launching September 6, 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a later PC release date to-be-announced.