Destiny 2 Is Still On Track for 2017


Activision says Destiny 2 will launch in 2017 and that the publisher is working with Bungie to establish a better way to deliver additional content to fans.

With the first of Destiny’s new raid Challenge modes launching this week and the only thing left on the foreseeable horizon being the return of Sparrow Racing League in December, fans are already starting to talk about what’s next. That conversation leads to Destiny 2, which Bungie confirmed is in development and slated for release in 2017.

But besides some rumors about Destiny 2, fans have had very little to go on. Release dates can shift and with a rumor about the sequel being rebooted, there has been no telling how Destiny 2’s development has been going. According to the game’s publisher, Activision, the sequel to Bungie’s sci-fi shared world shooter is still on track to launch next year.

During an Activision Blizzard financial conference call, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg says Destiny 2 is still expected to hit its previously announced 2017 release date, and will continue to expand its player base, as well as give veterans reasons to return:

“We’re on track and excited about what we think is going to be an awesome sequel for Destiny in 2017. No announcements today on timing just yet, but what I will say is that the sequel is designed to excite both our highly engaged current players, but also to broaden the appeal even further, bringing in new fans and bringing back old fans as well. That’s our primary focus right now.”


Hirshberg said Activision expects Destiny 2 to bring in “millions of new fans” to the franchise. He also made mention of additional content, which has varied over Destiny’s history from larger expansions, to smaller live events, and all-out content droughts. Hirshberg said Activision and Bungie have come up with a “very smart approach” to bring a steady stream of new content to players in Destiny 2:

“Beyond that, the incredible demand for Destiny content has somewhat outpaced our ability to deliver upon that demand, and going forward along with our partners at Bungie, have put together what we believe is a very smart approach that will allow us to deliver the steady stream of great content to keep our players engaged and keep our universe alive and growing in the wake of that sequel.”

That no doubt involves Activision company High Moon Studios, who is now working full-time with Bungie on Destiny 2. Very little is known about Destiny 2 right now, but there was some leaked concept art, which was later confirmed to be a failed pitch for the game. Of course, Destiny’s newest expansion, Rise of Iron, launched this September, and Bungie continues to tease that there’s more coming that the developer has yet to reveal.

Destiny 2 is set to release sometime in 2017.

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