Destiny 2 added a new pursuit for hardcore PvP fans with the start of Season 3—Redrix’s Claymore, a Legendary pulse rifle with a completely unique and powerful perk set. To get it, players had to make a long grind through the Competitive playlist’s ranking system. As revealed recently, players who were able to get their hands on Redrix’s Claymore belong to a pretty exclusive group of fewer than 9,000 people who have been able to earn it.

But many of those elite players are feeling a bit betrayed after Destiny 2‘s developer Bungie revealed that the game’s fourth season will bring what sounds to be a nearly identical version of the weapon called Redrix’s Broadsword. When Bungie first talked about Redrix’s Claymore, it was said that this weapon would only be available in Season 3 and could only be earned by the method detailed above. Once Season 3 ended, Bungie said, Redrix’s Claymore would be gone forever. While that’s still technically true, the creation of Redrix’s Broadsword seems to be a way for Bungie to get out of that original promise that fans could not have predicted.

Redrix’s Claymore’s unique perk set is a combination of Outlaw (giving a fast reload upon a precision kill) and a new perk created just for the weapon called Desperado, which upon the activation of the Outlaw perk grants a greatly increased fire rate. What that does with this particular weapon is take a high-impact, slow-firing pulse rifle and turns it into an extremely fast-firing weapon with the same impact and damage. Redrix’s Broadsword, as Bungie has explained in the developer’s latest blog, will have the same Outlaw/Desperado perk combination and will be able to randomly roll its other perk and sight.

Destiny 2 Crucible Weapons Return Forsaken

Redrix’s Broadsword will be earned through a lengthy Crucible quest, says one of Bungie’s lead PvP designers Kevin Yanes. Those who earned Redrix’s Claymore during Season 3 will already have Redrix’s Broadsword in their Crucible loot pool and will get an emblem to mark their achievement.

Despite that, many are feeling as though their efforts to get the Redrix’s Claymore this season has already been devalued with the announcement of Redrix’s Broadsword. Add to it that with the addition of random rolls, Redrix’s Broadsword could potentially be even better than a hard-earned Redrix’s Claymore if it has a perfect roll. It all led to a huge point of discussion among Destiny 2 fans that will no doubt continue into the launch of Forsaken as players start getting their hands on the new weapon.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases on September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie, Kevin Yanes (Twitter)