One of the reasons that a game like Destiny 2 is so appealing online is because its developer tends to keep things a mystery. Bungie would rather let players discover things for themselves than have everything laid out from the beginning.

It’s for that reason that Destiny 2 players are doing a lot of testing to figure out how useful (or not useful) certain items are. For example, one Destiny 2 player did some extensive testing to determine how effective the Recovery stat is on armor and mods.

In Destiny 1, armor carried stats called Intellect, Discipline, and Strength, which influenced a player’s Super, grenade, and melee recharge, respectively. But for Destiny 2 those stats have been replaced with Recovery, Resilience, and Mobility, which are a little more nebulous.

As can be seen in the video below, a player’s recovery stat will greatly impact how quickly there shield recharges. The more recovery stacked onto a player then the faster they can regain health/shield.

While most players know how Recovery is supposed to work, the clip above better illustrates how more and more of the stat impacts shield regeneration. So if you’re a player that constantly finds his or herself waiting to recover then it might be worth investing in the Recovery stat. Every piece of armor can offer Mobility, Resilience, or Recovery and then there are mods that contribute even more to a player’s overall build.

The video from Fallout Players also illustrates the usefulness of the Resilience and Mobility stat for those that are curious. Mobility has been found to be a disappointment for most players, since it doesn’t noticeably increase sprint speed. Hunters know the pain of Mobility all too well since most armor carries the stat and yet it doesn’t benefit their play.

Resilience is a little better but it isn’t as noticeable. Damage mitigation in the Destiny 2 endgame is helpful, but in some cases it is splitting hairs. Most players tend to take enough damage to “pop” their shield and then hide to recover, which is why Recovery can be so helpful.

This may be how the three stats work currently, but Bungie likely will make changes as time goes on. Mobility certainly needs looking at, but Resilience and Recovery could see tweaks as well. So keep that in mind before fully committing to the stat

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.

Source: Fallout Plays