Arguably one of the coolest armor sets in Destiny 2 are the ones that each class starts with at the outset of Destiny 2. It was the armor used in much of the promotional material and early game footage of Destiny 2 including the game’s beta.

However, players only get to have the armor for a short time before it is damaged along the way in the campaign when Ghaul takes the Light from the Guardians. But if players know where to look—and more importantly, what to grind—they will be able to reclaim that armor. And this time it won’t be damaged, and will be able to be infused to the highest Power level a player wishes.

Finish the campaign

The first step is finishing the campaign. Once the story missions are completed and the new tower is unlocked, virtually all the vendors will return from The Farm social space and set up shop in the Tower. That’s where players will need to…

Go see Ikora Rey

Ikora Rey is the vendor who grants these armor sets. By ranking up with her, players will be able to earn that armor back as part of the engrams she awards at each rank completion of reputation. She grants the armor that is specific to the class being played, so a Warlock can only unlock Warlock gear and not the Titan or Hunter sets, and vice versa.

Destiny 2 raid Leviathan beaten by four players

How to Earn Reputation

Play Meditations that are activated at Ikora. These are three weekly story missions that she offers in her menu. Choose one and then walk to the right to the spinning metal spheres to start the mission. Doing so earns reputation.

The other way to earn reputation with Ikora is to complete the “Ikora’s Challenge” Milestone that will show up randomly as a daily milestone. It requires players to complete five challenges in one day. After the milestone has been completed, report back to Ikora to turn it in.

Ranking up with Ikora is pretty slow going, as there aren’t many ways to increase reputation gains outside of these methods. But do the Meditations and the specific milestone associated with Ikora as often as possible to rank up and reclaim those starting armor sets.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, and on October 24, 2017 for PC.