Before the launch of Warmind, the Rat King exotic sidearm was of little note to any Destiny 2 player, but after the discovery of a new glitch, Bungie stepped in and disabled the weapon until the glitch is resolved. There is currently no word as to when the weapon will return to Destiny 2.

The glitch allowed players to abuse Rat King’s exotic perk to increase power ammo reserves. It’s like the Wardcliff Coil glitch, but much worse. Rat King was buffed alongside many other exotics with Warmind, and it seems that the way the perk works now caused the perk to act in an unanticipated way.

This seems to be the first time that Bungie has disabled a weapon completely due to a glitch. It’s not the first time that a weapon has acted in unanticipated ways, like the Prometheus Lens in Curse of Osiris, but Bungie has never disabled a weapon up until this point. It may also have been implemented to stop players from abusing the weapon during the new Spire of Stars raid lair that launches Friday.

Unfortunately, this is not the only bug plaguing Destiny 2 at the moment. The heroic strike playlist is also the victim of a rather unfortunate bug. It seems that the game will occasionally not track progression in these strikes toward the weekly milestone or exotic quests. There is a slight workaround for the bug which can be used until Bungie fixes it.

It’s good to see Bungie being proactive and cutting a problematic weapon before the launch of the new raid lair. Wardcliff Coil made judging “World’s First” for the raids a controversial matter, so with Rat King out of the way and Wardcliff Coil patched, there should be no issue crowning the first fireteam for Spire of Stars.

Destiny 2: Warmind is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.