In addition to all of the new loot and content players will come across in Destiny 2, Bungie has made sure to pack its latest shooter with plenty of things for players to find and discover. Console players have already been scouring the title in an effort to bring many of those secrets to light and to learn how new features such as those EDZ tokens actually work.

Part of the fun of Destiny 2 is finding new exotic gear such as the new Coldheart Fusion Rifle or the Riskrunner, which was first seen in the beta story mission, Homecoming. While there’s still a whole armory to discover, fans now know about the Rat King exotic hand cannon and where to kick off its quest line, thanks to the hard work of Reddit user YKEminence.

Starting the Rat King’s Crew Quest

Unlike many Destiny 2 exotics, the Rat King isn’t earned through the luck of RNG. To unlock this unique hand cannon, players need to first head to Saturn’s moon Titan and finish off every blue quest there. Unfinished quests will appear to have a small flashing icon over an upside down triangle symbol inside a large circle.

Once all of the quests have been completed, a legendary gun is earned called the Rat King’s Crew and a new quest line is kicked off. As Bungie is known to do, however, the quest steps are solved through a small riddle in the gun’s description. Instead of trying to decipher the meaning of the riddle on the gun, here is the order players need to follow in order to complete the quest.

Step 1

The first step of this quest has players completing three patrol missions on Titan.

While Destiny 2 does have a lot more interesting side missions to explore such as Lost Sectors and Adventures, players should instead search for small blinking beacons, randomly placed around the open areas of Titan. Veteran players should be immediately familiar with this process as they’re making a return from the previous game with the process including small tasks such as scouting areas, or killing a certain amount of enemies.

Step 2

Once that’s finished, players will then need to finish two public events on Titan.

While this step may have been a pain to complete in the first game, Destiny 2 thankfully makes this a whole lot easier with its expanded map. Now, public event icons display prominently, letting players know if an event is active and where. Players should look for a blue diamond icon with an orange line going around it.

Step 3

The next step finally takes Guardians off of Titan and into the Crucible. Finishing this step requires players to complete three Crucible matches.

Finishing the Quest

Of course, Bungie saved the most difficult step for last, as the final step tasks players with finishing the Nightfall mission for the week. This week, players will be facing off in The Arms Dealer strike, with the Timewarp and Prism modifiers. Prism increased the mission time up to a certain limit for killing enemies, and increases the damage done when the element damage is matched to the focused type. In Destiny 2, it’s strongly recommended that players set their load outs based on the modifiers as they’re now locked in once the mission starts and cannot be changed.

Once the Nightfall is taken down, the Rat’s King is earned. This unique weapon features three rats hand carved into the barrel, which a rat’s skull facing the player. It’s a kinetic-based weapon so it will essentially take up the primary slot, leaving players room to add their favorite weapons into the newly created elemental and power slots.

In addition to perks like Smooth grip and Smallbore, Rat King features the Vermin trait, which grants a brief period of invisibility by reloading immediately after a kill. Lastly, its intrinsic feature is called Rat Pack which makes the weapon stronger when nearby Fireteam members also have it equipped. Better yet, this buff can stack up to six times.

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will launch on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: Reddit