With a huge open-world and a playerbase that loves to explore, Destiny 2 is the perfect game for including weird and wonderful Easter eggs. Bungie has already got fans smiling with the Paul McCartney Easter egg from the beta, but this is far from the only little secret that the developer has tucked away.

The latest Destiny 2 Easter egg discovery is of Randal the Vandal. Randal the Vandal was the nickname given to a Level 8 Fallen Reaver Vandal in the first game, as the foe spawned with significantly higher stats than the other enemies in the area.

It appears that Bungie has now brought back the character for the sequel, as one YouTuber has spotted a higher-powered Reaver Vandal in the Sunken Isles area of the European Dead Zone (EDZ). The YouTuber and their friends spotted the character on two different occasions, saying that the Vandal spawned in the same place each time.

Bungie has spoken of its fondness for Randal the Vandal in the past, saying that it shows how Destiny players can take a joke and run with it. The developer also included a Randal the Vandal Easter egg in a Destiny raid. No matter how silly the memes and jokes may be, Bungie is clearly delighted to see that players are making the most of its game and want to honor their spirit and enthusiasm.

Returning players will also appreciate the fact that this is just one small touch that Bungie has included as a head nod to the first game. Destiny 2 also hints at the fate of a fan favorite item and Bungie even turned said item into a soccer mini-game just because players of the first game enjoyed it so much. And this is entirely separate from the tangible goodies that Destiny 2 players can unlock if they experienced the original.

As the game was only available completely this week, Destiny 2 players still have lots to uncover about it and lots of little bits of information to decode. Players are already scratching their heads about teasers for the first Destiny 2 raid, for example, but this is just the beginning. And, as Destiny fans have shown themselves to be incredibly creative and resourceful Bungie may find itself with another Randal the Vandal on its hands as players come up with a brand new inside joke based on all of the new characters.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One. It will release on October 24, 2017 on PC.

Source: Kyōmei Hadur – YouTube