Destiny 2 Raids and Nightfalls Contain Matchmaking, Clan Support

Destint 2 Cabal Red Legion Poster

Raids and Nightfalls will be accessible to more players through a new matchmaking system called 'Guided Games', which was introduced at the Destiny 2 gameplay livestream today. Guided Games is the solution to solo players frustrated by the original's exclusivity problems. Additionally, the sequel will receive support features specifically designed to aid Clans.

When a solo player in Destiny 2 has finished the main game, is geared, and ready for tougher challenges, they will no longer be limited by their ability to gather enough real-world people to play with. Instead, they can enter a queue and be matched with Clans who are looking for additional players.

Introducing Guided Games.

In Destiny 2, solo players looking for groups can team up with Clans for challenges like Raids and Nightfalls.

— Destiny The Game (@DestinyTheGame) May 18, 2017

Players who participate in Guided Games, who later want to join a Clan or form one of their own, will enjoy the new Clan support features heading to Destiny 2. In the sequel, players can now join Clans without having to make a request through Other new Clan features include in-game rosters, custom banners, and other helpful tools.

Matchmaking and Clan support are but a small sampling of the features previewed in today's Destiny 2 livestream. During the show, Bungie announced a partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, another developer under the Activision umbrella, that would allow the PC version of Destiny 2 to be available through, the hub for all Blizzard games. This makes Destiny 2 available to download alongside other huge hits like Overwatch, and marks it as the first non-Blizzard game to be added to the service.


Also announced at the livestream event was a change to the Crucible, the series' competitive multiplayer mode. The player-versus-player mode will now be limited to 4v4, which puts the status of some game types from the original Destiny in question. Whether they will be altered to fit the new player count or be replaced hasn't been disclosed by Bungie at this time.

Whether playing PvP or PvE, Destiny 2 is promising some exciting new corners of the solar system to explore. Today's gameplay reveal took viewers on a tour of the four available worlds in Destiny 2, which include Saturn's moon Titan, Nessus, Jupiter's moon Io, and all-new areas of Earth.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting September 8, with a PC release to follow shortly thereafter.

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