During the recent livestream for the Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC, developer Bungie confirmed that the game will be introducing a “raid lair” next month. But this isn’t the only addition to the Leviathan raid that Bungie is planning.

The developer also said that Destiny 2 players can expect additional content for the Leviathan raid to be released next year. Although very little has been revealed about this additional raid layer at this point, Bungie has confirmed that it is scheduled to release with the next Destiny 2 expansion pack around spring 2018. If the first raid lair is anything to go by, Bungie will probably offer a Prestige version of it, too.

Destiny 2¬†expansion pass holders may be disappointed to learn that the game’s second expansion pack will not introduce a brand new raid. While many had been looking forward to the expansion pack, which is rumored to focus on the Warmind Rasputin, this certainly puts a dampener on things.

Destiny 2 players have already complained about a lack of end-game content, and this raid lair announcement won’t help alleviate those concerns. Players eager for entirely new experiences may not be satisfied with additional Leviathan raid content, as opposed to an all new raid system to experience and explore.

Destiny 2 Leviathan raid lair DLC

But Bungie will see raid lairs as a smart way to keep players entertained once they’ve completed the content in the expansion pack. While the raid lairs are already difficult as is, combined with the Prestige version, players will really have to work to overcome the new challenges.

As people have witnessed with the base Leviathan raid, players also enjoy finding new ways to complete the end-game content. For example, there have been two-player raid completions and races against the clock as players compete to see who can complete the raid in the fastest time. That sort of competition will surely heat up once both raid lairs have been released.

This won’t be enough to keep all players occupied in the time between expansion pack two and expansion pack three. However, Bungie must think that this will be enough to keep the majority of¬†Destiny 2 players satisfied. It seems that the developer is under a lot of pressure to produce content as fast as players are completing it. But, since it is unable to create new DLC any faster (or at least at the pace that all players would like), these raid lairs will have to suffice.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.