Prolific tag team Epicookiez and Slayerage, known for dismantling raid content and assorted challenges with only two players in Bungie’s science fiction shooter series, are back making gains in Destiny 2. The team’s first major accomplishment in the sequel has been achieved, which is a two-player completion of the Leviathan raid‘s notorious Pleasure Gardens. Originally live-streamed, the encounter has since been published in video form for all to enjoy.

Epicookies has branded the video below “2-man Raid Doggos,” and it may be one of the duo’s most impressive accomplishments yet, literally taking the encounter to the last second and beyond. Even without the thrilling conclusion, the whole 16-minute video is a showcase of the Destiny 2 players’ experience and game knowledge put to practice. The communication and trust between Epicookies and Slayerage is understated, yet clearly built on hours of experience and preparedness.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Pleasure Gardens encounter, it’s one of the Leviathan raid’s most complicated fights. It is broken into a finite amount of phases, during which players can injure, but not kill 6 different roaming dogs. After reaching the maximum amount of rounds – or if a dog is killed and not the others – an enrage mechanic kicks in that makes it difficult to win. Using just two players instead of six means maximizing damage on the dogs without error each phase.

In order to hurt or kill the 6 dogs, players must first roam the room collecting spores from flowers that activate at random. A player must stand by a flower while another shoots it from above with a prism laser. The spores can only be collected for a short duration during each phase before players must then attack the dogs, followed by quickly running back to the “safe room.” The damage done to the dogs will carry over into the next phase, but the spore collection must be redone. Players will need to damage the dogs without killing them for several rounds, then kill all six in one final round to win.

Destiny 2 fans can see how Epicookiez has mastered roaming from flower to flower without alerting the dogs, and how Slayerage has memorized the angles from which to hit both flowers and spawning enemies with his laser with as little movement as necessary. Pleasure Gardens with 6 people requires impressive organization and efficiency. With only two players, it becomes a tight-rope walk. The pair dies as the final dog falls, making it a photo finish. Epicookies and Slayerage continue to their Destiny legacy in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and it releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: The Legend Himself – YouTube