New raid launches in the Destiny franchise are always a big deal, and that proved to once again be the case last week as Destiny 2’s first finally arrived. While many clans raced to be the first to complete the Leviathan Raid, that honor fell to the group known as The Legend Himself after about six hours. While each raid is made up of multiple parts, Bungie is doing something a bit different for the sequel, giving players a new experience every week.

This past weekly reset in Destiny 2 featured some new information which was quickly picked up by Reddit. Each week, Bungie is going to be changing the Leviathan Raid encounter order, placing the set of four in a completely random order. For this week, the Pleasure Gardens is now set up as the first location, followed by the Gauntlet, Bath House, and then Emperor Calus himself.

destiny 2 raid ship concept art

Switching the Raid order provides a number of benefits to Destiny 2. The first one is obviously that it helps keep the content feel fresh. Considering that its predecessor had trouble keeping players busy with new things to do for long stretches, this is one way Bungie can keep players engaged while it creates new content. The other benefit here is that it’s a good way for newer players to better learn the other parts of the Leviathan Raid, rather than just being able to master the first two sections over and over.

For many, the Pleasure Gardens proved to be an extremely difficult area to overcome for many players as they’re tasked with surviving a war beast hunt. While the ultimate goal is to kill six unique war beasts on patrol, players are faced with an instant wipe if they’re spotted or after a certain amount of time. While difficult, the challenge isn’t impossible as players need to use both the prism weapons to discharge spore carriers located around the room, ultimately weakening the beasts.

For more details on the new content each week including the new raid order, make sure to check out Game Rant’s official Destiny 2 Reset guide which arrives every Tuesday.

Destiny 2 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will launch on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: Reddit