Destiny 2 fans are buzzing right now about the clan reward system that was implemented in the game last week. There’s suddenly a lot of disagreement and controversy about clan rewards that wasn’t there before, because now that the Leviathan raid has launched, players are discovering that being a part of a clan is paying off in raid gear given to them by the game after their fellow clan mates finish the raid.

It seems that many people didn’t make the connection before the Leviathan raid went live that the engrams clan members can receive for their clan mates completing activities in Destiny 2 are specific to those activities. Previously, clan engrams picked up at Hawthorne dropped higher level gear, but it became clear with the raid engrams that while they don’t specifically drop at a high Power level, they still give players actual gear from the raid.

While players will have to wait to verify after Trials of the Nine goes live if the associated clan rewards will also drop Trials gear, but it seems like it most certainly will based on how the raid engrams work. Like the raid gear that drops from these engrams, the Trials gear will likely also drop at the low Power level of 10.

destiny 2 raid pulse rifle

So while the gear itself will not impart level gains to clan members who may not have cleared the raid for themselves, some players are expressing displeasure with the system, preferring that everyone earn their own endgame gear by completing the raid and Trials on their own merit.

This clan reward system is clearly an incentive for players to participate in a clan, which appears to be pretty central to Destiny 2 especially in terms of Guided Games. In order to receive the clan rewards, a fireteam consisting of at least half of players from a clan must complete the raid and a 7-win ticket of Trials of the Nine. After that, any member of the clan can pick up their clan reward at Hawthorne.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.