With about 9 days left until the launch of Destiny 2, the fan base has kicked things into overdrive trying to find any and all clues in gameplay footage, trailers, leaks, and more. Just this week alone, players have gathered a ton of new information, including the name of Destiny 2’s new raid, and crafted theories surrounding them.

Of those theories, the most intriguing thus far has been speculation from fans about where the raid will take place. Because a lot of the information could be potential spoilers, it’s best to stop reading now if you want to go into Destiny 2 unsullied.

Now that players know the name of the Destiny 2 raid is Leviathan, the fan base has begun to try and put seemingly disparate pieces together to figure out where the endgame activity will take place. Some piece of the theory is based on Destiny lore, while others are built off something as innocuous as clothing.

The Symbol

The biggest and only confirmed clue about the Destiny 2 raid is one of Luke Smith’s sweaters from the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal event. While introducing various parts of the sequel, Smith took the stage wearing several different sweaters, one of which he said was a tease for the upcoming raid. The one that most think is the raid teaser involves a rounded triangle shape with a circle hovering above.

destiny 2 luke smith sweater symbol

destiny 2 raid name revealed on tropy list

That same symbol from Smith’s shirt can also be seen in the trophy for the Leviathan raid, which leaked earlier this week. The only difference is that the symbol is upside down on the trophy, but it’s unmistakably there.

The Ship

The other key pieces of the puzzle are a series of concept art images for Destiny 2, one that was released early on and another that is basically the same image but updated. The first image shows a massive structure with a large opening. Stripped of its detail, the structure looks a lot like the symbol on Smith’s sweater.

destiny 2 raid ship concept art

destiny 2 concept art updated with ship

But concept art doesn’t always factor into the game, and sometimes is created to build lore. However, Bungie released another version of the concept art, but this time a Guardian ship can be seen flying towards the globe like structure that’s seemingly being absorbed by the rounded triangle “mouth.”

The Leviathan

Taken on their own, these details could be pointing towards something, or they could be nothing. What gives them weight, though, is the fact that the bright star formation in the background of the updated screenshot looks a little like constellation Cetus. In Greek mythology, Cetus is a sea monster much like a whale seen today. Some might even say that a Cetus is a leviathan.

cetus constellation

Raid Location

Based on the images and the clues, the two most likely scenarios for a raid location are the city seen on top of the open-mouthed structure or the globe floating in front of it. The city could be home to Ghaul and his Red Legion, and where the Guardians inevitably take the fight to him. Or that city might be the backdrop for the raid, which takes place nearby the city.

It may be a complete stretch, but it’s hard to deny that the theory holds a lot of weight given the name of the raid, the symbol on the sweater, and the concept art. Separate, it would have been hard to make a case that players will be heading to this structure for the raid, but together it seems practically a given.

Moreover, Bungie loves to give its Destiny fan base a lot of elaborate clues and ARGs to work with, even if it doesn’t always point them out. The only way we will know for certain whether fans were right is to play the game, but there’s still a few days left before that.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.