Although Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris DLC does not add a full raid to Bungie’s shooter it does feature a new raid lair. Essentially, a raid lair is a short add-on to the existing Leviathan raid with a final boss fight.

No doubt Destiny 2 players are sure to be surprised by how short the raid lair is, but the activity’s length has no bearing on its difficulty. The final/main boss in the Eater of Worlds raid lair is no pushover and will require a coordinated team to beat.

When players encounter the raid lair boss they will see a mass Vex Hydra (think Vault of Glass’ Templar) encased in an impenetrable glass diamond. The team’s goal is to remove one panel of the diamond to do damage to the boss, before the protection reforms and the process begins anew. Here’s how it’s done.

Everything You Need to Know

  • Elemental Islands: The map is mostly comprised of three islands themed around Void, Solar, and Arc. Each of these islands has a center area with three “charging stations” where players can charge up to three Vex heads.
  • Vex Heads: These will randomly spawn around the map. Grab them and take them to one of the three islands to charge them with that energy.
  • Charges: These are colored sparks outside of the Vex boss’ protective barrier. They are colored based on Void, Arc, or Solar.
  • Weak Points: The Vex boss is weakest on its glowing red head. It also has stun points on its arms, underneath its arms towards its back, and on its head. These stun points are white cylinders.

Phase 1: Breaking the Vex Boss Out

destiny 2 raid lair boss protection

Three players will be responsible for charging and using Vex heads that correspond to the three elemental charges surrounding the boss. So if there are two Arc charges and one Void charge, then the team needs to power two Vex heads at the Arc island and one Vex head at the Void island.

Meanwhile, the other teammates can help eliminate enemies or charge additional Vex heads for the DPS phase. The team will also want to take note of the large concave object on the Vex boss’ protective diamond. This is where the first phase will end and it tells the team on which island the DPS/damage phase will take place. So when it comes to clearing enemies it is best to focus on the DPS island more than any other.

Once the three players have their Vex heads charged they will need to shoot the charges in unison and bring them towards that concave object. When the three charges meet then the diamond will open and the team will be free to do damage to the Vex boss.

Phase 2: Damage the Boss

While the Vex boss is exposed the team will want to unleash as much damage as possible. The best weapon against the boss is a charged Vex head, which is why it is helpful to charge as many as possible. It is also a little hectic to charge the heads and grab them in time for the DPS phase, so keep that mind. Plan ahead.

When the Vex heads are used up (they only stay active for a short time), using a rocket launcher with cluster bombs, Coldheart, or the new Prometheus Lens exotic. There are only four total damage phases, so make sure to deal at least one-fourth of the boss’ health each time.

destiny 2 prometheus lens

That is going to be easier said than done, though, because the boss doesn’t simply stand still and take damage. During the whole damage phase, the boss will send small Vex missiles at the fireteam and shoot out a blue, triangular containment field. If anyone is caught in the containment field they will be pulled away towards the boss and non-trapped players will need to shoot their teammate free. Because of this we recommend trying to keep as spread out as possible during the damage phase, at least until the team is used to avoiding the containment.

Phase 3: Stun the Boss

Once the damage phase ends, the team will regroup and begin charging the Vex heads…albeit for a brief time. Before the charging phase can be complete, the boss will start gathering energy in its hand. If the boss finishes this process it will wipe the team, so the new goal is to stop it.

On the boss are 6 total white glowing areas: two on its arms (left and right), two under its armpits (left and right), and two on top of its head. The team needs to break two of this white glowing areas in order to stop the energy gathering and then start the mechanics all over again. Floating platforms will appear around the boss to help the team navigate to the weak points and we recommend shooting them as a group. Ideally the team should shoot a group of weak points (i.e. arms, head, armpit) to make sure everyone knows what’s going on.


After the Vex boss has been stunned, the cycle begins anew. The team will need to charge heads, break open the protective barrier, and do more damage. When the boss’ health is finally depleted, it will trigger the familiar team wipe attack. Shoot the boss to get off one final stun, which will kill the boss. Now enjoy a brief trip before collecting your new Eater of Worlds raid lair loot.

As is the trend for Destiny raid bosses as of late, this Eater of Worlds boss will certainly test players. There is quite a bit of communication involved in the endgame encounter and it isn’t going to be easy to defeat the boss without some extra coordination.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.