How to Start the Divinity Raid Exotic Quest in Destiny 2

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Over the various expansions and DLCs for Destiny, Bungie has taken several different approaches to its raid exotics. Most often the raid exotic is a rare and random drop that only those with luck (and RNG) on their side can claim. But occasionally Bungie turns the raid exotic into a quest reward, like what they are doing with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

While many Destiny 2 fireteams are still trying to get through the Garden of Salvation raid, there are those that have completed the pinnacle activity. Upon completion by the World First raid team, there appeared a new item that triggers a lengthy quest towards the raid exotic called Divinity.

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To start the Divinity raid exotic quest, players must head towards the entrance of the Garden of Salvation raid, only without loading into the actual raid. Spawn into the Sorrow’s Harbor area and then follow the path to the South. This path is not visible on the map so if you are heading towards Hellmouth you are going the wrong way. The path is in the center of the Sorrow’s Harbor area.

Keep following this path until eventually, you reach a giant Vex gate. Some overgrowth-covered Vex will spawn and will need to be dispatched first. There are not raid level Vex by any means, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get rid of them.

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After that, an enemy will spawn called Zeteon, Redemptive Mind. This is a giant Vex Gate Lord similar to the ones that spawn during the Vex Invasion event on the Moon. Players will also come across a few of them during the new Vex Offensive activity that unlocked this weekend.

Zeteon has quite a bit of health so we recommend taking a fireteam along if the goal is getting to the exotic quest quickly. Use high damage weapons like Izanagi’s Burden to take down Zeteon and then wait for his rewards.

When Zeteon falls, it will drop an exotic engram. Don’t get too excited, because this is not an actual exotic engram. It’s actually the exotic quest for the Divinity raid weapon.

Now, there are steps to complete in order to claim Divinity but it is unclear what those full steps are at this time. There is at least one step that requires completing a mystery objective in the Garden of Salvation raid and then completing it, and with the Contest Modifier active, that is easier said than done. It sounds a little bit like the Outbreak Prime quest from Rise of Iron, so it may be a while before anyone claims Divinity.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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