Destiny 2’s raids may not be getting any easier, but a feature is being tweaked for the sequel. As part of its ongoing promotion of the game, Bungie today revealed that the raid in Destiny 2 will have a new death penalty.

While speaking to Giant Bomb, Destiny 2 director Luke Smith mentions that the new raid will have a different death penalty than in Destiny 1. He didn’t say what exactly that penalty would be, but he suggests that the days of no revives are gone, potentially for both Heroic and Normal difficulty.

Read what he had to say below:

“The raids should always be challenging you to cooperate, collaborate, and communicate. But I don’t want to bring the difficulty down. We had a conversation – we have a brand new death penalty in the game for raiding. I think it’s pretty unfun to die and just watch on hard mode. So we have a brand new death penalty and on the normal mode raids people have talked about wanting to remove it because it’s different and why not just use the strike difficulty. But we don’t want to change the difficulty because we believe our players are smart. We believe that motivated groups of players can take on these challenges and complete them. We’ve seen that.”

For those that might not be familiar with Destiny’s raids, the Heroic mode turns on a modifier that eliminates revives outside of the Sunsinger Warlock’s Radiance super ability. If a player dies in any darkness zone they stay dead until the team reaches a checkpoint or wipes.

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Based on Smith’s comments it sounds like the developers at Bungie want to eliminate those instances in raids where a player dies and they are forced to watch their teammates attempt the instance without them. In some cases, it’s nearly impossible to complete an encounter or raid boss fight with a player miss, but usually a team can pull through. And for those 5 (or less) remaining players that success is all the more satisfying, but for the player spectating it’s hardly a victory.

On the one hand, adding a new death penalty to Destiny 2’s raid will give the endgame content a new complexion for the sequel. Much like players no longer look at Nightfall Strikes as the ultra hard weekly ritual where the team can fail under no circumstances, it’s possible that Bungie wants less skilled players to feel like they are basically carried through the raid.

The change to the death penalty might be focused on the new Guided Games feature, which will let solo players join up with pre-formed teams for top tier experiences. If the death penalty is not as harsh, it might make those veterans more agreeable when it comes to adding a “noob” to their ranks.

Given how vocal the Destiny community is it likely won’t be long before a discussion arises over whether this change will be a good thing or a bad thing. Unfortunately, Bungie probably won’t explain what that new death penalty is; they typically like to leave those discoveries for players’ first encounters with the raid.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: Giant Bomb