Destiny 2‘s latest update reworks raid rewards and adds a mod slot to raid armor, which grants a unique raid-related perk. All the mods and their corresponding perks have been identified, and they are actually quite good. The one caveat is that these mods are only active while on the Leviathan, so they will only be active and useful in the Leviathan raid or Eater of Worlds raid lair.

Going down the armor pieces available in Destiny 2, the helmet mod will drop with one available, but it will be specific to one of the three elemental damage types:

  • Activating a Super recharges the player’s grenade.

The mods for gauntlet armor can come in three different varieties:

  • Melee kills increase all damage by 20%.
  • Melee kills decrease all incoming damage by 20%.
  • Melee kills have a chance to drop Power ammo.

Next, the chest armor has just one mod:

  • Defeating Challenging enemies with Power Weapon boosts Power Weapon damage by 15% for a short time.

The leg armor mod has a similar perk to the chest armor, but instead focuses on normal enemies and Energy Weapons.

  • Normal enemy kills with an Energy Weapon boosts Energy Weapon damage by 15% for a short time.

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Finally, the class item (like the helmet) has one perk that comes in each elemental variety:

  • 25% more ability damage.

These perks are the same on all raid mods earned in Normal and Prestige mode Leviathan raid as well as the Eater of Worlds raid lair.

It is definitely a good thing to see some raid-specific perks and rewards being added to Destiny 2, considering that the game was lacking it at launch, which made the raid armor a little less special when compared to the raid armor that fans were used to chasing in Destiny 1.

In addition to these new raid mods and perks, the latest update also added Masterwork armor to the game.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: DTG Subreddit