New Destiny 2 Quest Sends Players Back to Familiar Location

destiny 2 cosmodrome thunderlord exotic machine gun

With this week’s weekly reset, Destiny 2 fans can finally complete the Lost Cryptarch murder mystery quest. Veteran players from D1 will be happy to hear that this quest takes them back to a very familiar location: the Cosmodrome. For those unfamiliar, the Cosmodrome was the first patrol area that players got to explore in the first game, so this quest will bring back a lot of nostalgia for some players.

If Destiny 2 players have kept up with the Lost Cryptarch quest up to this point, when players log in, they will be prompted to seek out Amanda Holliday to finish the quest. She will send players into the EDZ to find a Fallen teleporter that will warp them over to the Cosmodrome. The location players are dropped at is the location where their Ghost resurrected them at the start of Destiny. This mission as a whole, and the reward for it, are a nod to the early gameplay demo Bungie showed off for Destiny at E3 2013.

Players will trek through the snow-covered Cosmodrome to avenge Master Ives once and for all. Eventually players will come across the giant Captain that murdered Ives. Taking him down wraps up the quest and allows players to wander the Cosmodrome section until they wish to leave.

While the full Cosmodrome is not open to explore, veteran players may still appreciate the small section that Bungie is allowing players to poke around in. There are several scannables throughout the mission area, but they are not required to pick up.

When players return to Holliday, she will give players Ives’ last engram, which when decrypted grants the exotic Heavy Machine Gun Thunderlord. Players who followed the leaks and datamines already knew that this gun was coming back since players found Thunderlord’s new ornaments in the game’s database.

Players should complete this quest as soon as possible, because it will disappear after the season ends on November 27. Guardians may not get a guaranteed Thunderlord after that since it will just be a part of the exotic loot pool.

November 27 marks the end of the Season of the Outlaw, and the beginning of Season of the Forge.  Hopefully, Thunderlord will hold players over until they can get more Heavy Machine Guns in the Black Armory DLC.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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