This week, Destiny 2 fans were treated to a bevy of PvP content, including a first look at one of its new maps, Vostok, which takes place on Felwinter Peak. In addition to revealing the new mountaintop battleground, the preview footage included 15 minutes of additional gameplay to sift through and pick out some notable points of interest. Here’s what we spotted.

Mantle Up Ledges

Destiny 2 will be adding a new mantle mechanic, which triggers an animation if the player falls just short of a jump near the edge of a platform, and pulls them up onto that ledge. Here it is in action:

destiny 2 clamber

Gamers who played Halo 5: Guardians will be familiar with the feature, as it was added by Bungie’s successor on the Master Chief franchise, 343 Industries. News of the clamber mechanic made its way out the Destiny 2 reveal event and E3, but this is one of the best shots of it in action.

Healing Rift Grants Additional Armor

While early gameplay showcasing the Warlock’s Healing Rift ability suggested that it was merely a pool of light that replenishes health for any friendly players in its boundary, new gameplay reveals the ability does a little more than that. If a player remains in the Healing Rift while at full health, the Rift will slowly add an extra bar of armor akin to Destiny 1 perks like Flame Shield or Blessing of Light.

Shoulder Charge isn’t a One-Hit Kill

There was a rumor that the Striker Titan’s Shoulder Charge had been removed from the game, but this new footage clearly shows that Shoulder Charge is back, albeit with a major change: it is no longer a one-hit kill attack.

destiny 2 shoulder charge

That falls in line with Bungie’s new PvP balancing for Destiny 2, which has removed most abilities that can kill players in a single hit. Things like sticky grenades—and now Shoulder Charge—have had their damage reduced so that being on the receiving end doesn’t necessarily mean getting sent back to respawn.

Titan Skating Appears to be in the Game

While not an official ability of the Titan, players in Destiny 1 learned to move around quickly using the Titan’s jump in a technique fans dubbed “Titan skating.” To skate, players need to time sporadic jumps at a specific height, which allows Titans to cover ground faster than any class in the game.

Many content creators who played Destiny 2 at its reveal event proclaimed that Titan skating was no longer possible, but it appears that is no longer the case. In this newer build of the game it appears that Titan skating is definitely possible.

Sentinel Titans Have Voidwall Grenades

The full skill tree for the new Sentinel Titan has yet to be revealed, but the gameplay footage does confirm that the subclass will have access to the Voidwall Grenade. This grenade, when thrown and lands, creates a lateral wall of Void energy which will damage anyone caught in its wake. It was a very effective grenade on the Nightstalker Hunter in Destiny 1, and should unlock some great offensive capabilities for the Sentinel.

New Sniper Rifle

While much of the Destiny 2 footage released thus far has featured a single sniper rifle archetype, these latest reveals have unveiled a second option for long-range fans. Obviously, it’s hard to glean full details about the sniper rifle, but it to have better handling.

destiny 2 vostok sniper

Gamers will get to experience a number of these features in the Destiny 2 Beta, which is just days away. Those who pre-ordered the game on PS4 will get early access on July 18, followed by those who pre-ordered on Xbox on July 19. Finally, the beta will then become open to everyone starting on July 21st.

Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 on PC.

Source: IGN