Destiny 2 Public Events are widely regarded as a quick way to get decent loot, but exactly how effective are they when it comes to earning great gear? Keen to answer that question, one player took it upon themselves to get hard data on the activity’s loot drop rates.

Writing on Reddit, the Destiny 2 player explained that they took part in 100 Public Events (50 regular and 50 Heroic events), recording the results from those that they successfully completed. The overall rare drop rate was 120% (regular events had a 94% rare drop rate, Heroic had a 146% rare drop rate), the overall drop rate of legendary items was 4% (regular events 8%, Heroic 0%), and the overall Exotic drop rate was 4% (regular events 2%, Heroic 6%).

The player also noted a 21% overall drop rate of Legendary Engrams that they received as a direct result of the Public Event grind (the player didn’t record which type of events the Engrams dropped from). Moreover, only three chests out of the 50 regular events completed only contained Glimmer, and did not contain any items at all. That Legendary Engram drop rate certainly isn’t shabby and those with maxed out Glimmer will be glad to know that most of the time they will be rewarded with something other than the easily earned currency.

destiny 2 heroic events

This information also suggests that there is far less need to activate Heroic Public Events than previously thought. While the data does confirm that players will get a slightly higher drop rate of Exotics and rare items, many will question whether it’s worth it to trigger such a harder version of the event. Even with Heroic events, there’s still a less than 1 in 10 chance that an Exotic will be found and according to this data, the chances of getting Legendaries items are slim to none as well.

Certainly, there are easier ways to get more out of the Destiny 2 grind. The Faction Rally event gives players an additional way of unlocking good loot as they just complete objectives alongside their normal play of the game. Now that Trials of the Nine is available to players too, those who are skilled at the game’s PvP will be able to score better items faster than doing PvE Public Events. But for those who want to stick to Public Events for the time being, at least they have some hard data to go on now.

Destiny 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for October 24th.

 Source: Reddit