Destiny 2 will continue to build on some tried-and-true elements of Destiny 1, with one of those being Public Events. In the first game, Public Events were random instances that spawned into the open world sections of the game, allowing multiple random players to meet on the spot and complete a single objective like defending an object from incoming enemies or hunting down a powerful foe.

Destiny 2 will have those same Public Events and more, including Heroic versions that will reward players with extra loot. In a video with IGN, Bungie’s Rob Engeln says Public Events in Destiny 2 have “Heroic triggers” that will kick off a much more difficult version of a Public Event:

“Every Public Event has an optional bonus objective, and if you trigger it then you get an extra hard version of the event with way more enemies coming in, and sometimes optional bonus objectives, or named bosses that you have to kill. And if you are able to complete that, you get bonus rewards for it.”

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Engeln went further about the philosophy about Public Events in Destiny 2 and the goal of their development. He says that Bungie looked at some of the higher level public activities from Destiny 1, specifically Court of Oryx and Archon’s Forge, and wanted to bring that kind of difficulty and gameplay out of those closed-off arenas and into the public destination spaces of Destiny 2.

Heroic versions of the Public Events are one of the main ways Destiny 2 will try to do that. The destinations and open patrol areas of Destiny 2 look to be trying to make themselves much more active and dense, with Public Events, Adventures, Lost Sectors, Flashpoints, and more. There weren’t many reasons to go back to the Patrol zones of Destiny 1 besides for specific missions and quests, but Destiny 2 may cram enough into these destinations to continue to draw players back well after the story campaign has ended.

Destiny 2 is set to release September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, then October 24 on PC.

Source: IGN – YouTube