Destiny 2 Public Events can provide players with an easy way to score some decent loot and also give people another PvE (player versus environment) activity outside of Raids and Strikes. But over the last week, players have begun to report that Public Events have been much harder to find.

Initially, Destiny 2 players took to social media to complain that Public Events just aren’t available in the game. However, upon further investigation, fans discovered that Public Events are happening at the same frequency as they always were, but for some reason, the game is just not showing them on the map.

The map may not tell players that the Public Event is taking place but players can still visit a Public Event location and find that the live activity is taking place and they will be able to take part. Video evidence of the bug can be seen below, as the player witnesses the Public Event taking place right in front of them, but on the map, there is no icon to be found. The bug also seems to be affecting Public Events across all Destiny 2 locations.

The problem is frustrating for fans as it means that the chance of success in a Public Event is a lot lower. For the best chance of success, the more players the better, but how can large groups of players take part if the map isn’t telling them that the activity is taking place? As part of the Faction Rally and Flashpoint quests, players are also being told to complete Public Events, and so the bug affects these milestones too.

Destiny 2 players are continuing to make noise about the bug, but it’s unclear whether Bungie is on the case. It’s also unclear whether the developer will have time to issue a fix during the upcoming Destiny 2 downtime.

The bug is quite a major issue but Bungie is already working to fix several other aspects of the game. These include the loot chest lockout bug and the Exotic Raid weapon quest. Fans have also requested several miscellaneous bug fixes and changes, including various nerfs to the game’s most powerful weapons and a fix for the Public Event frame rate issue. Not all of those changes have estimated times of arrival yet and so fans will have to cross their fingers that they will be on the way soon.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.

Source: Reddit