Destiny 2 Leak Hints at PS4 Exclusive Content

destiny 2 ps4 exclusive leak

This week’s Destiny 2 leak was unexpected but very welcome, as the fan base has been dying to know more about Bungie’s highly anticipated 2017 sequel. For those who might not have seen, a poster for Destiny 2 made its way online, and with it came first news of the game’s release date and a look at some cool art.

At a glance it might not seem like the Destiny 2 poster offers a ton of details, but looking deeper could offer some clues as to the sequel’s scope. For example, the upper left hand corner seems to suggest that the Destiny 2 beta, which is rumored to run in June, will be PS4 exclusive or will be available first for PS4 gamers.

It’s this slightly innocuous detail that has fueled speculation that Destiny 2 might follow in its predecessor’s footsteps and offer exclusive content to Sony’s platform. What exactly that content might be is unclear, but past exclusives have included exotic weapons, quests, and Crucible maps.

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At a time when Sony didn’t have any major first party titles, the PS4 exclusive content helped turned Bungie into a pseudo-exclusive and pushed both sales of Destiny on PS4 and PS4 consoles themselves. Needless to say, it’s in Sony’s best interest to try to keep that exclusivity deal going, even if it comes at a higher price tag this time around.

That being said, exclusives in Destiny have been a divisive idea, and one that it appeared Bungie might be moving away from. While Year 1 and Year 2 had plenty of exclusive content, Year 3's offerings were smaller by comparison. In fact, some of the Year 2 exclusive items simply stayed exclusives, seemingly as a way to placate fans that invested in the PS4 version.

But with Destiny 2 rumored to include a PC version, exclusive content will only further frustrate the player base. Adding more platforms is supposed to expand the community, not further divide it.

Nevertheless, it’s best not to come to conclusions based only on a leaked poster. But don’t be surprised if Bungie makes an appearance during Sony’s E3 2017 press conference and announces some PS4 exclusive content.

Destiny 2 is on track for a 2017 release on PS4, Xbox One, and potentially PC.

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