Is Destiny 2 a PS4 Exclusive in Japan?

Destiny 2 PS4 exclusive Japan

A press release from Sony highly suggests that Destiny 2 will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive in Japan. Destiny 2 was announced for PC, Xbox One and PS4 earlier this week but it seems that those playing on non-Sony platforms in the region may well miss out.

The suggestion that PC and Xbox One players won't be able to get their Destiny 2 fix follows a press release in which Sony confirmed that it will be publishing the game in Japan. The PS4 version of the game would be fully localized, with Japanese audio and subtitles, which is good news, but the fact that it could skip the Microsoft platforms is not.

As the press release specifically made no mention of the PC and Xbox One releases of the Japanese versions of the game and as (Destiny 2 publisher and developer) Activision and Bungie have yet to officially comment, nothing is guaranteed. However, platform exclusivity in the region looks highly likely given that the original Destiny was also a PlayStation exclusive in Japan.

Platform exclusivity could also be considered an extension of the existing Destiny 2/PlayStation partnership. Just like the first game, Destiny 2 will have PlayStation exclusive content. And while it's currently unclear exactly what that content will be, it does suggest that Sony is shelling out the big bucks once more to team up with Bungie and Activision with the game.

Moreover, it should be noted that neither PC nor Xbox One are massively popular gaming platforms in Japan and so Activision may have seen this Sony publishing partnership as a way to offset costs and, possibly, make a bit of money in the process. While it's unclear exactly how few people in Japan play games on PC, at least in the past few years it has been considered a 'niche' hobby. Likewise, Xbox One sales in Japan have been nothing short of abysmal.

As such, although some PC and Xbox One gamers in the region are likely to be upset by any decision to make Destiny 2 a PS4 exclusive if that really is the case, the backlash may not be so severe. Or, at least Activision and Bungie will save more money from not publishing the game on these platforms than it will by catering to those gamers who would buy it.

Destiny 2 will be released on September 8, 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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