Destiny 2 may not have launched with private matches, but it seems very likely that the game will add the feature soon. At least the feature should be added, if an in-game icon is any indication.

It took nearly three years for Destiny 1 to add Private Matches, which allowed players to group up for unique PvP games with their own rule sets. Moreover, Private Matches paved the way for Destiny to support eSports and tournaments.

It came as a surprise, then, that Destiny 2 launched without Private Matches, despite it being such a popular addition for its predecessor. In fact, Bungie stripped out almost all of the options in the Crucible, choosing to focus on two choices: Quickplay and Competitive. For Quickplay, players can be randomly placed in a match of Control, Supremacy, or Clash; while for Competitive, the choices are Countdown and Survival.

To say that Destiny 2’s PvP choices are limited would be putting things mildly, but that should change as time goes on. And it seems almost a given that Bungie will add Private Matches. In case there was any doubt, Bungie even hinted at Private Matches in-game.

destiny 2 private match monitor

When visiting Lord Shaxx in the new Tower, players will see he is looking at three screens. One has the icon for Quickplay, one has the icon for Competitive, and one has the icon used for Private Matches in Destiny 1.

Obviously, this is by no means a smoking gun, but it is pretty compelling evidence nonetheless. It’s hard to imagine that Bungie would take a step backwards for Destiny 2 and not feature Private Matches, especially after the response to them was so positive in Destiny 1.

It’s also in Bungie’s best interest to add Private Matches as soon as possible to help capitalize on the eSports and Tournament scene. The first game never really found a place among titles like Call of Duty and CS: GO, but Destiny 2 has a better chance thanks to PC support.

PC may actually be why Private Matches aren’t available right away; perhaps Bungie is waiting to launch the feature alongside the PC version of Destiny 2 on October 24th. While a lot of the main features (raid, Iron Banner, Trials of the Nine) either are already or will already be part of the Destiny 2 rituals, Private Matches could be something that rolls out alongside the PC version. No matter what, the feature is coming – it’s just a question of when.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.