The Destiny 2 Warmind expansion is only a few hours away (as of writing) and with the Warmind update, Bungie has changed and added some new features in Destiny 2. One of the biggest changes to the game is the way that cosmetic rewards are given out, as Bungie has revamped Eververse via the Prismatic Matrix.

There has been some confusion, but we can explain exactly how the new item in Destiny 2 works.

Prismatic Facets

Each week, 10 Eververse items will be included in the Prismatic Matrix. These items will be the same for every player in Destiny 2.

Upon each weekly reset, when players level up the first time with the Well-Rested buff – after reaching the new level cap of 30 – they will be rewarded with a Prismatic Facet. Players can then use their Prismatic Facet on the Prismatic Matrix in Eververse, to receive one of the ten possible items available for the week, chosen at random.

destiny 2 eververse pragmatic matrix

The Prismatic Matrix is also designed so that any Eververse item that the player already owns will be “knocked out” from the possible reward pool. So as Season 3 goes on, players will have better and better odds of getting the items they want from the Matrix. If players own all 10 items in the Matrix for the week, they will not be able to use a Prismatic Facet.

How to Get More Prismatic Facets

If the player does not want any of the items in the Prismatic Matrix for the week, they can hold onto it and stack it with up to 3 Prismatic Facets. Facets will also be available for purchase at the Eververse store for 200 Silver each.

In this way, players are sure to gain one free item from the Eververse store every week, in addition to loot earned from Bright Engrams for each level up. Bungie emphasizes that the Prismatic Matrix is not “another loot box,” but it will draw from the same pool of items as Tess offers for sale, either through Engrams or direct purchase for Silver Dust.

Once again, as with many Eververse updates in the past, fans have concerns with the addition of Prismatic Matrix, most notably the features complicated nature. There has also been a lot of disdain for Eververse since players pay a lot of money to own Destiny 2, and now need to spend more money to gain cosmetic items from Eververse, many of which were “free” rewards in Destiny 1.

Destiny 2 Warmind is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.