Over the weekend several exploits and glitches came to light in Destiny 2 that put a cloud of controversy around the game. Now Bungie has issued a statement explaining what actions (or what non-actions) will be taken against those that used these glitches and exploits.

The most controversial of the Destiny 2 exploits found involved farming prime engrams. Essentially, players could acquire prime engrams without losing their prime attunement buff.

For those that might not be familiar with how prime engrams and the prime attunement work, here’s a general overview. The Prime Attunement buff increases players’ chances of receiving a prime engram from defeating challenging or completing crucible matches. Once players get a prime engram the buff is supposed to leave (sometimes it takes multiple prime engrams for the buff to exhaust), and it returns after the next daily reset.

Prime engrams are so valuable because they scale above the soft cap for Destiny 2: Forsaken of 500 power. They also offer quite a substantial bump, usually about 5+ power levels over the player’s base power. So a farm would be huge, but, of course, controversial.

At present time, players can still use the exploit but Bungie has now issued a warning. Because of how the prime attunement is designed, players that use the exploit will hurt their progress further down the road. Those who use the exploit might not see prime engram drops for one or two weeks depending on how much farming they do.

bungie warning prime engram farm

Any exploit or glitch is going to put Bungie in a tough spot. Of course, players that don’t use the exploit are going to want to see punishments for those that do, but, at the same time, situations like these are much harder to police. Bungie doesn’t have the manpower to look at every Destiny 2 player and determine who farmed and who didn’t.

But apparently, there is a protection in place that will serve as its own punishment. Players get the benefit of the exploit by leveling up fast and being more ready for the Last Wish raid, but their opportunities to raise their power level further past 500 will decrease.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.