Bungie has officially confirmed that a prestige version of the Leviathan raid will arrive in Destiny 2 next week. But while the much harder version of the activity will provide players with a much tougher challenge to really test their mettle, it will also provide additional lore content.

The new lore details are scattered across the class items of the prestige raid loot. The Titan gear explains that Ghaul used to be a gladiator and was famed for his movement, his unusual markings, and his “determination” as no opponent was too big or too strong for the warlord. Meanwhile, the Hunter gear explains that the Destiny 2 antagonist was a “masterful conspirator”, dedicated to his plan to overthrow Emperor Calus. And finally, the Warlock gear explains that Ghaul was wise and had a disciplined mind, and could see when decisions are only being made out of passion and feelings.

Destiny 2 Leviathan raid boss Calus backstory

The loot also includes a letter from Calus to Ghaul. The lengthy piece of writing, written after Ghaul’s betrayal led to Calus being exiled, suggests that the Emperor has spent a lot of time thinking about the gladiator he once revered. Calus blames the “poisonous” Consul for using Ghaul to overthrow the Emperor, and says that he may be willing to reappoint Ghaul even though the rest of the empire will not be as quick to forgive. Calus even tries to set up a “reunion” between himself and Ghaul.

The new lore is interesting as it builds on what players had already learned of Calus’ backstory from previous Leviathan raid loot. That loot explained why Calus had come back, where he’d been and how he came to know (and be betrayed by) Ghaul. But this prestige raid loot highlights how Calus’ mindset has changed and it shows just how deeply he cared for Ghaul. It’s less like a god to his subjects and seems more like a father to his son.

When Bungie said that it would include more story in Destiny 2, as opposed to the way it used Destiny‘s grimoire cards, few expected it to shake out like this. But arguably, the loot lore helps to fill in the gaps better than an actual gameplay mission could. It also helps to set up possible future events and activities in the game too, so players should keep an eye out.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24, 2017.

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