To say that today’s Destiny 2 reset has been a bit buggy would be putting things mildly. Ever since things switched over from Week 2 of Destiny 2 to Week 3 of Destiny 2, players have noted an alarming number of issues some of which are actually hurting progression.

While we already noted that Trials of the Nine never went away at reset – the mode has since gone offline – there were other issues including the Nightfall Strike having two modifiers instead of one. The Attrition modifier was active as expected, but the Prism modifier from last week carried over as well. Eventually, Prism disappeared, but the Prestige version of the Nightfall Strike was left with a major bug.

Under normal circumstances, the Nightfall Strike would feature a few sections where players need to pass through pulses, large beams of blue light that are scattered around the open area of Nessus. And on the normal Nightfall Strike those pulses appear as intended, and fireteams are able to progress and finish the strike.

destiny 2 mida multi tool mini tool

When Prestige Difficulty is active, however, the final area does not spawn any pulses for players to pass through. Without pulses, there is no way to progress through the strike and no way to complete it and collect the rewards.

Bungie has yet to acknowledge the issue, but players are already trying to find out their own fixes. Apparently there is a Dreg to the left of this final area that, when killed, triggers the pulses. It’s not an ideal solution and it doesn’t always work, but some are finding success with it.

Although Destiny 2 may have had a few issues at launch, it seems that the latest reset has introduced some truly troublesome problems into the mix. On the one hand, some of the issues are hard to confirm, like empty chests while exploring, but others, like this Nightfall Strike bug, have many wondering what else could be broken. Perhaps this week’s maintenance did more than just squash a few bugs, and instead made changes where there shouldn’t have been any.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.