Bungie today announced it is delaying the release of the Prestige raid for Destiny 2. Rather than let the extra challenging version of the raid launch with a known (and arguably game-breaking) exploit, Bungie has decided to fix the bug and release the Prestige Raid on October 18th.

For those that may not have been following the news, there is an exploit with the Calus fight in the Leviathan Raid that removes all enemies from the Throne Room. While this does pose some challenges for ammo, it also makes the bulk of the encounter fairly easy. Players can send extra team members into the Shadow Realm to build a higher Force of Will buff, and the only real challenge is avoiding the few enemies that spawn there and killing the correct Psion in the Throne Room.

The exploit has actually been known for quite some time, but was only shared en masse a few days ago. It’s true that the exploit trivializes the encounter but it also takes a lot of extra time, and for most fireteams the effort isn’t worth a slightly easier experience.

destiny 2 calus symbols

But the real reason we chose to share the exploit is so that Bungie would be aware and would be forced to take action. It’s somewhat surprising that the studio decided to go this far and delay the launch of the Prestige raid, but it also makes sense. With players going for World’s First on the Prestige raid, those that use this exploit would have an advantage, even if most hardcore players wouldn’t use it.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is relieving to see Bungie respond to the exploit by delaying the Prestige raid launch. They have done similar things when exploits were found in Trials maps or with subclasses, and it goes to show how much the team values the integrity of the experience.

On a different note, this gives Destiny 2 players more time to focus on Iron Banner, which goes live at reset Tuesday morning (2am PT). Previously, players were going to have to split their time between completing the Prestige Raid and earning Iron Banner rewards, but now they can focus exclusively on the weekly PvP event.

Assuming all things go to plan, the Prestige Leviathan Raid will now launch on October 18th at 10am PT. In the mean time, Destiny 2 players can expect a hot fix sometime between now and then that will fix the Calus cheese and may add additional changes as well.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.