Although many would argue that Destiny 2 does not feature major changes when it comes to its foundation, developer Bungie is still finding ways to keep players on their toes. One way the studio is seemingly going to do that in the endgame is with a new difficulty tier called Prestige.

While nothing official has been revealed by Bungie, the release of Destiny 2’s trophy/achievement list has outed a few things about the game. For starters, players now know the name of the game’s new raid, which will be called Leviathan. On top of that, the trophies/achievements reveal that Destiny 2 will be adding a Prestige Difficulty to both the raid and Nightfall Strikes.

Since the news comes by way of a Destiny 2 trophy/achievement list and not from Bungie, players are left speculating as to what the Prestige Difficulty could entail. Most assume that Prestige will replace the Heroic difficulty for the raid, but Nightfall Strikes have thus far only had one difficulty tier.

destiny 2 raid name revealed on tropy list

We do know that Nightfall Strikes will be changing somewhat for Destiny 2, so the Prestige Difficulty could be where we so those new twists. Earlier this week, players found out that Nightfall Strikes would feature a timer, but it could be that the timed version is relegated to this Prestige Difficulty. It could also be that the Prestige Difficulty of the Nightfall Strike preserves the original punishment, where the fireteam was sent back to Orbit if they all died in a Darkness Zone.

As far as the raid is concerned, the Prestige Difficulty could either be a replacement for Heroic or a third difficulty tier. We do know that Bungie has changed the way it is approaching punishments for Destiny 2’s raid, so this Prestige Difficulty could feature some of those tweaks. Unfortunately, all players know at this point is that the death penalty in raids is gone, but any other change is unclear.

There is also the issue of why the name Prestige, which could be a hint as to what is changing with the Nightfall Strikes and raids. Prestige in Activision terms usually means to reset one’s progress in a Call of Duty game, but that is unlikely to be the context here. Although, a system where players can reset their progression in exchange for better recognition (emblems, customization, etc.) could keep them invested for longer.

Regardless, it likely won’t be long after players load up Destiny 2 in early September that questions about the Prestige Difficulty are answered. Whether or not those players will be ready to tackle the higher level will depend on their dedication to the grind and how lucky they get with drops. In our experience with Destiny 2 thus far, though, the drops have been pretty generous.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24th for PC.