Why Destiny 2 Should Be a Prequel

Destiny 2 prequel

Bungie's connected shooter Destiny is, by most accounts, a brilliant game. But if there's one place that many can agree where it lacks, it's with its narrative. When the game launched on PS4 and Xbox One in 2014, fans and critics had serious complaints about the game's story - and it's something that would need to be rectified with Destiny 2. It's also one of the reasons why Bungie should make Destiny 2 a prequel and not a sequel.

Acknowledging the problems with Destiny's story, which some have called both weak and lackluster, Bungie has already promised that Destiny 2 will have a 'cinematic story' with 'memorable characters.' One smart and easy way of delivering that would just be to take the game back – way back – to before the Ghost found the Guardian and before players were tasked with reviving the Traveler (who may or may not be an antagonist depending on rumored plot twists).

The game's Grimoire Cards are positively brimming with unexplored lore that would help to fill in the gaps of Destiny's story and help players believe in Bungie's vision again. Having already teased epic battles and really, quite meaty events that happened long before the player character came on the scene, current Destiny players would relish the chance at playing through some of those moments in history, before they were actual history.

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Getting to experience the Golden Age, a peaceful time of sheer technological advancement and marvel alone would make hopping back in time worth it. Imagine the awe and wonder of seeing the solar system at its peak. What about being there to build the walls of The Last City? Or, being able to be right in the thick of it; a proud Guardian who helps to keep the city together as the Faction Wars threaten to rip it apart?

These are not novel ideas; in fact some fans have already put these suggestions forward because a prequel that touched upon all of these events would be too good an opportunity for Bungie pass up. It would offer the same exhilarating rush and that same intrigue that real-life war games like Battlefield 1 and the Call of Duty franchise (during its World War 2 heyday) do; players can fight for good in the historic battles they've been told about.

In addition to just righting narrative wrongs and giving existing Destiny players what they want, Bungie should make Destiny 2 a prequel because it's the best way of getting new players on board. With over 25 million registered players having poured over two billion hours into the original gameDestiny hasn't exactly struggled to gain interest. With that said, if Bungie is to do one better with Destiny 2, and make it even more successful, then it's in everyone's best interests to take things back in time.

Including fans who were perplexed by the story and those who may not have had a chance to get involved in the Destiny series before, making it a prequel would get everyone on the same page. Destiny 2 may bring the franchise to PC after all, and the game would be a full reset for both levels and gear, so the developer has to have at least considered that it will need to be welcoming to players who've dropped off or players who've never played before.

Bungie will also have to ask how much exposition it needs to give total newbies if Destiny 2 was a sequel rather than a prequel, and it would also need to tread more careful in a Destiny 3 as well. If Destiny 2 was complex as a sequel then a third game would be a total mind-bender for any new faces and so, ironically, not taking it back in time poses a risk to the series' future.

Admittedly, with Bungie having referred to Destiny 2 as a sequel, this may seem like a longshot, but there's still the chance that the upcoming game would at least have plenty of prequel content for the reasons addressed above. Additionally, labeling the next iteration as a "sequel" may also have been used in order to not give the setting of the title away.

With an announcement of the game looking imminent (thanks to recent poster leaks), those looking forward to Destiny 2 will know soon enough.

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