Destiny 2 developer Bungie has confirmed what players have suspected since right after launch, multiple characters of the same class are prevented from leveling too fast. Each class is limited to one week’s worth of powerful rewards, and the remaining rewards collected on other characters will not be upgrades.

For those who might be a little confused, it works like this. If a player has two Hunters, and they complete all of their Milestones on one of those Hunters each Powerful Reward will be an improvement and of a higher power level. However, when that player switches to that second Hunter to complete Milestones, those Powerful Rewards will not be improvements.

According to Bungie Community Manager Cozmo, who talked to the Destiny 2 dev team, this weekly lockout was put in place to avoid forcing players to make three of the same class to level quickly. In fact, the decision seems to have had the opposite effect – encouraging players to roll one of each class.

destiny 2 power level lockout

See, while the lockout for Powerful Rewards prevents characters of the same class from getting three sets of higher level gear, it doesn’t impact different classes. So a player with a Hunter, Warlock, and Titan is incentivized to do all of their Milestones. Moreover, thanks to the new engram system for Destiny 2, the game will actually help those second and third characters level quicker with higher drops.

In Destiny 1, having three of the same class was beneficial, as it increased the chances of players getting the drop they wanted and moving closer to the level cap. But as Bungie improved the rewards systems in Destiny, the need to have one of each class decreased. Now, in Destiny 2, there is even less of an incentive to roll three of the same class.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t advantages to rolling three of the same class, though. Nightfall rewards, Raid drops, and Trials of the Nine loot are all impervious to this rule, and therefore will drop rewards relative to a player’s power level regardless of the class. The same is also true for weapon quests like the MIDA Mini and Multi-Tool; those weapons will also scale on all three characters no matter what.

It’s good of Bungie to clarify how things work, but it would have been nice for the studio to say something earlier. Maybe Destiny 2 players have been trying to increase their power level in the way they best know how to, and coming up short without knowing why. Now that we know, though, players can make informed decisions before creating additional Destiny 2 characters.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.