Destiny 2: The 10 Most Powerful Bosses, Ranked

Bungie has worked hard to ensure that Destiny 2 has some longevity. In order to keep gamers coming back for more, they've gone to great lengths to bring challenging end-game content to the forefront. If players want good loot and some of the best weapons around, they're going to need to fight their way through some truly imposing bosses.

Sure, the power scaling has made some of the baddies on this list less-than-frightening over the years but they're still completely capable of catching arrogant Guardians off-guard and wiping a fireteam of inexperienced players off the map.

These bosses are some of the baddest, strongest, and most frustrating found throughout Destiny 2 and each one of them is responsible for a fair share of Guardian revives.

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10 Bracus Zahn

Most of the bosses on this list can be found buried deep in raids, where Bungie usually hides Destiny 2's most challenging content. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't a few bosses sprinkled throughout the "regular game" that offer up a challenge.

Zahn was definitely a much bigger threat when Destiny 2 was just starting and Light Levels were low but he can still catch Guardians unawares on Nightfall difficulty. He hits hard and comes packed with an armada of strong allies.

9 Thaviks

Thaviks can be supremely annoying thanks to his cloaking ability (which he uses A LOT) and the constant spawning of mobs during his fight means you can quickly find yourself overrun. To make matters worse, the arena in which you battle is precariously perched in the air and electrified fields will cause damage while sapping your Guardian's ability to jump. All of these mechanics combine for a boss fight that is pretty tough on Nightfall difficulty.

8 Sedia

Much like Thaviks, Sedia's difficulty stems from her abilities. Part of one of the most unforgiving Strikes in the game, Sedia is an Awoken that was corrupted and taken by Oryx. She can only be damaged by taking down her shield using a charge which must be tossed between teammates. This is easy enough on lower difficulties but the Nightfall variant of this strike sees so many incredibly hard-hitting mobs (and some painful attacks from the boss herself) that it's easy to find yourself six-feet-under in a matter of seconds.

7 Vorgeth, The Boundless Hunger

The Shattered Throne dungeon has its fair share of difficult moments but the battle against Vorgeth is downright frustrating. This Ogre remains immune and is constantly firing a punishing beam at you and your teammates as you slog your way through a variety of annoying mobs and powerful wizards. Once you down all four wizards and pick up a special buff, you can proceed to damage Vorgeth. Make sure your team stays alive though, the buff disappears if you kick the bucket (meaning one of you needs to stay alive for an entire four-stack).

6 Gahlran

Gahlran is the "easiest" Raid Boss on this list but don't let that fool you. It's incredibly easy for your fireteam to wipe considering all of the mechanics you'll need to pay attention to. What makes this fight so particularly frustrating, though, is the constant flood of enemies and rotating crystals that must be destroyed. Pair that with the fact that one "team" will be stuck with an indestructible Gladiator known as Gahlran's deception and this fight can quickly go south.

5 The Royal Beasts

There are many out there that may no consider the Royal Beasts as a boss but more of an "encounter." We decided to include them on this list simply for the sheer pain that they've caused players since their introduction. The beasts themselves as "easily" dispatched if your team has enough damage to burst them down during their damage phase but what causes everyone on the fireteam so much strife is the stressful game of "hide and seek" you'll be playing along the way. You'll need to be sure you have someone familiar with the game and communication between your fireteam is key.

4 Emperor Calus

Calus may not be the force he once was but when Guardians first started flooding onto the Leviathan to face him, he was eliminating them left and right. The main difficult spike for this fight came from the "dimensional rift" that forced players to have to call out symbols to their teammates while simultaneously culling and avoiding waves of pesky Psions intent on blasting them into the abyss. Bungie loves to split fireteams up from time to time in raids and this is one of the more frustrating "games."

3 Val Ca'uor

If we've learned anything from the numerous raids we've trudged through it's that Bungie absolutely loves to sprinkle an array of mechanics into their boss fights. The problem with the battle against Val Ca'uor is that developers may have gone a bit overboard in their desire to make the fight as mechanically challenging as possible. The finished result is a seriously imposing fight with many mechanics to master. Your team will need to be very fluent in how this encounter works. Don't be discouraged if you end up replaying this boss numerous times until you understand it.

2 Shuro Chi

This is perhaps the most complex fight found in the entirety of Destiny 2. The battle with Shuro Chi is filled to the brim with a variety of mechanics that require precise team movement, excellent communication, and quick thinking. Breaking her shield can be annoying enough if you don't have three players all on the same page and the puzzle rooms can turn into a disaster if anyone starts panicking. This encounter requires a cool head and nerves of steel since it's so unbearably long and mechanic-filled.

1 Riven

Bungie may have gone a little bit overboard with the puzzles concerning The Last Wish raid but we can't deny how satisfying it feels to clear each nerve-wracking encounter. That said, the "battle" with Riven is undeniably overkill when it comes to mechanics and even the most seasoned of Fireteams can quickly find themselves overwhelmed by all of the necessary steps to defeat this behemoth. Riven is unforgiving, wiping your team at every little mistake (which there are bound to be plenty of).

Add all this to the fact that your Fireteam is separated for much of the fight and it's no wonder so many Guardians resort to cheesy methods just to conquer the hulking Ahamkara.

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