Destiny 2 looks to be providing players in PvP with more information about their enemies so that they can make smarter decisions about how to engage. The beta allowed some fans to discover another touch added to the game that does just that – power weapons now glow a specific color at the tip of their barrel, letting opposing players know what they are up against.

It’s something that most players may have noticed while playing the Destiny 2 beta, but they may not have known the full scope of the design element. Once a player has picked up Power ammo, their weapon is highlighted with its own unique color based on weapon type.

Those who played Destiny 1 will be familiar with the mechanic. It is basically the same idea as when players see the red glow from an opposing sniper rifle, but now that same idea has been expanded. Here’s how it all breaks down by weapon type and the color each weapon’s barrel glows:

  • Shotguns – white
  • Grenade launchers – red
  • Fusion rifles – blue
  • Sniper rifles – red cross or “+”

There weren’t any swords in the beta to test, and the players who compiled this information were not able to notice any glow from the new linear fusion rifles. In addition to the list, here is a collage of screenshots showing the glowing effect in action.

destiny 2 power weapons glow

Other ways Destiny 2 is giving players in PvP more feedback and information include being able to tell when players are dead and when they have their supers ready. That information comes from the new UI at the top of the screen, which also sports a simplified score breakdown.

The UI also identifies location callouts to every area of the map. Plus, the game feed now tells every player more about Power ammo, specifically who picked it up, for what kind of weapon, and from which Power ammo location.

It seems that Destiny 2 is looking to make PvP more strategic and allow for fewer surprises than in Destiny 1 by giving players a large amount of information. With a slower time-to-kill and 4v4 setup, all that feedback may come in handy.

Destiny 2 releases September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a later October 24 release on PC.

Source: Destiny Reddit