Destiny 2: How to Increase Your Power Level Over 265

destiny 2 power level 265

As with any Destiny-related grind, players are bound to hit a wall where the progress slows down and only select activities move them forward. For Destiny 2, that wall is power level 265, where legendary engrams no longer decrypt higher and basic activities become somewhat worthless.

Still, there are ways to level beyond 265, but players will need to be smart about what activities they complete and when they collect rewards. Since we don’t know what the recommended power level for the new Leviathan raid will be, any additional uptick could make a world of difference.

1. Exotic Engrams

Exotic engrams are still the best way to level in Destiny 2, but getting them isn’t as easy as popping a Three of Coins before every Strike. Currently, the only ways to earn an exotic engram/exotic is through a loot chest or legendary engram. Legendary engrams turning into exotics is very rare, though, so don’t rely on that too much. It’s more of a lucky surprise than a reliable source for leveling.

Loot chest exotic engrams, however, are easier to get, but still require a fair bit of grinding. Exotic engrams can drop from any loot chest, but the harder the activity the greater the chance of an exotic dropping.


So activities like Nightfall Strikes and Heroic Public Events are going to offer the best chance at an exotic engram – the former because of its challenge and the latter because public events are so quick and easy to repeat.

Once players have an exotic engram, they typically are at least 10 power levels higher than their lowest gear piece, but can be much higher. The only caveat is that a player can only wear one exotic armor piece and carry only one exotic weapon, so expect to do some infusing and potentially lose out on some power.

2. Powerful Rewards From Milestones

The next best way to level past 265 is through Milestone completion. Not all Milestones will offer rewards over 265, but a few will. What players want to look for are legendary engram rewards that say ‘Powerful Gear’. What this means is that the engram will decrypt into an item above 265 and relative to the player’s power level. It likely won’t decrypt as high as an exotic engram, but will still be an improvement.

For Destiny 2, there are several quests that will reward unique weapons, like the Khvostov in Destiny 1. In some cases these are single weapons, but in others there are pairs, one legendary and one exotic. And the best part is these rewards scale with a player’s power level beyond 265.

3. World Quest Weapons

Each destination in Destiny 2 has a set of world quests (the blue banner with the crown) and these reward weapons upon the full planet questline’s completion. The three known ones are the Rat’s King quest, the Mida Multi and Mini tool questline, and the Sturm and Drang questline.

destiny 2 rat king

Obviously, it’s only weapons, but these rewards will help player’s increase their power level if cashed in at the right time. Wait until one of your kinetic or energy weapons are lagging beyond and then finish the world questline for the respective weapon. But keep in mine once again that the exotics may need to be infused.

For players on a single character, these endgame rewards should be enough to push them over power level 265. Depending on each person’s luck, they could be as high as 275 or 280 when all is said and done, but it will require a lot of time investment. Luckily, Destiny players are a very determined bunch, and the Leviathan raid release date looms ever closer.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.

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