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Destint 2 Cabal Red Legion Poster

Destiny 2 announcement fervor has led a fan to create a Cabal invasion-themed poster that more appropriately fits his vision of the sequel, compared to what Bungie's so far released. The poster, based on concept art from the original Destiny, features a Titan-class Guardian battling a squad of Cabal with the Traveler looming in the background.

The poster captures some of the broader-scale warfare implied in Destiny 2's debut story trailer. Specifically, how the Cabal have launched an all-out attack on the Last City and the remnants of humanity.

Ghaul Attacks

"RED LEGION - WORLD TOUR 2017" reads the text on the poster, along with some subtext reading: "PREORDER TICKETS: DESTINYTHEGAME.COM." The Red Legion refers to the Cabal legion which is carrying out the  attack on Earth, led by the now notorious Primus Ghaul. The "World Tour" part of the text is referencing how metal, as in heavy metal, the Cabal and the poster itself are.

The creator of the poster even asks everyone to suggest songs that would fit well on a Red Legion album. The first, and most popular suggestion, is the song Deathcard from the Deathcore band Underneath the Gun. The song fittingly starts with gunfire before the double bass drum starts pumping. GWAR, naturally, was also recommended.

Other commenters were less productive, though funny. For example, Red Zeppelin was recommended. If Led Zeppelin was made up of Cabal musicians, I suppose they'd be much more metal

Destint 2 Cabal Red Legion Poster - Full

As for the art itself, it appears to be spliced together from two different pieces of Destiny art. The first is titled "Mars Battle Cabal" and was created by artist Jaime Jones. The second is from Destiny 2, an image of the Traveler floating in the sky with several ships flying nearby. The poster creator then cut the two images together, spreading the rusty hue of the first image over the second.

Considering how scarce Destiny 2 media is right now, it's great and not at all surprising to see fans start filling in for Bungie. Especially so, considering most available Destiny 2 media is very marketing focused and less for the hardcore fans who really want to see some of the action. Fans have been waiting several years now for a proper Cabal-focused chapter in the Destiny story, and now they want to have some fun.

Destiny 2 is releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC starting September 8.

Source: Reddit

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