Bungie may have already revealed the expansion pass for Destiny 2, but the developer is still continuing to tease the game’s post-launch plans. The developer hopes to make the game’s post-launch content “really rewarding” for players.

In a new interview, Destiny 2‘s PC lead David Shaw explained that Bungie has been working on the game’s post-launch content since before launch. This is a “fundamental thing” that it will “always” do in order to make its life easier. But despite these development plans, Shaw admitted that Bungie “can’t make enough that you guys won’t chew through it really quickly.”

The developer does have a remedy for this, with Destiny 2‘s Lost Sectors and Adventures being the solution. Shaw said that although these “are not as full-bodied as a Strike in the cost it takes to develop them,” they are still “really rewarding and they give us opportunities to give you more.” Adventures let players learn more about a destination, clarifies the developer, while Lost Sectors are about kicking butt and collecting loot.


Shaw also revealed that the Adventures in Destiny 2 will “absolutely” be replayable. Senior software engineer Thomas Gawrys (from Destiny 2 PC co-developer Vicarious Visions) added that the team is developing the content by asking itself, “How can we build a game that provides this avenue for players to re-engage more frequently without feeling like they’re just bored of the content?”

One of the biggest criticisms of the first Destiny was that its post-launch content was few and far between. There just wasn’t enough content to keep people occupied in between those bigger DLC drops, which was incredibly frustrating for those who had already poured so much time and effort into the game. Although Bungie may not be able to stop players from burning through all of Destiny 2‘s post-release content, it can at least give fans more high quality stuff to burn through.

It also seems as though Bungie is steadily ticking off items from people’s Destiny 2 wishlists. The developer has already promised that Destiny 2‘s story will be “cinematic” with “memorable characters” which hopefully means that the sequel will not repeat the same narrative mistakes as the first game. Bungie will address two of the biggest concerns that fans had with the game and there’s not long to go until fans get to play these improvements themselves.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24th for PC.

Source: PC Gamer