Update: Bungie has issued a statement on the Destiny 2 shader controversy.

In Destiny 2, Bungie brings back shaders for weapons and armor. Shaders are entirely cosmetic modifications that allow players to customize their character further and make them look a bit more visually appealing. But while most welcomed the return of the feature, many are now raising hell about the way Bungie has included them in the new game.

The main concern about the shaders is that in Destiny 2 these cosmetics are now single use. When a player equips a new shader to replace the existing one, the old shader is lost. This is unlike the first Destiny in which the cosmetics would be permanently unlocked.

Players are frustrated about the unexpected change because it puts limits on their customization. Destiny 2 is a game about collecting the very best loot in order to customize the character to the players’ argue, but many argue that this forces them to save and stockpile their shaders to use on their entire loot haul. Destiny 2 players could use their shaders on common items but it means that that further down the line, they will have to grind and find those shaders again in order to use them on better and more powerful items.

Few are looking forward to that grind for shaders. Some have also expressed their concerns that if Destiny 2 raids come with harder to get shaders, players will have to hold onto them, unable to use them just in case a better weapon comes along. Although people don’t want to feel as though they’ve wasted some of the content that they’ve worked hard to unlock, they would like to be able to use those shaders at some point, without those fears.

The other reason that players are angry is a result of Destiny 2‘s microtransactions. As highlighted in a popular post on the game’s subreddit and in a video by the critic Jim Sterling, Destiny 2 shaders can be purchased for real money. In making the shaders single use, the argument is that the game forces players to spend their hard earned cash over and over just to express their style.

Players have already taken to social media to call out Bungie and (Destiny 2 publisher) Activision for this ‘money grabbing’ practice. Many have also called on the companies to fix the shader feature and for players to avoid all microtransactions until the solution is deployed.

If Bungie and Activision are unwilling to change the system back to how it was, then some are asking for the companies to make it so that rarer shaders can be permanent unlocks at least. At this point it’s unclear whether there are plans to address the complaints at all, but given the growing number of voices against the feature, the Destiny 2 makers will be unable to ignore the calls for much longer.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One. It will release on October 24, 2017 on PC.