Destiny 2 is off to a successful launch week, with developer Bungie reporting that there are now 1.2 million concurrent players online playing the sci-fi shooter. That’s an impressive number of players all actively logging in and playing through Destiny 2.

Bungie and Activision have yet to announce any sales numbers in regards to Destiny 2, although judging by the game’s player population, it’s safe to assume that the developer and publisher behind the game are enjoying a great level of success. And that’s before many official review scores posted, with many outlets conducting reviews-in-progress as they wait for more endgame activities, like the raid and Trials of the Nine, to go live next week.

The last time such a benchmark was noted was the launch of The Taken King expansion that marked the second year for Destiny 1. Back then, Activision touted that The Taken King set records for sales and concurrent players on PS4, although the publisher didn’t reveal exact numbers.


In the same way, when Destiny 1 launched in September 2014 it set records for the best-selling new IP and was reported to have made $500 million on launch day. That information regarding¬†Destiny 2 has yet to be given out by Bungie or Activision, but if it’s anything to go on, Destiny 2 had higher pre-order numbers than the first game.

Destiny 2 has garnered high praise in early impressions from players and critics, with positive buzz surrounding the game. The one issue of complaint that has sprung up during launch week concerned shaders in the game, which have been changed from the first Destiny to now be single-use consumable items. There have also been some technical difficulties sporadically throughout the week, but seemingly not enough to stop the momentum of Destiny 2 in its launch week.

If Bungie plays its cards right, it could continue to drive player engagement, as the developer announced the events coming this month, which includes the launch of the raid on September 13, Trials of the Nine on September 15, and something called Faction Rally coming during the last week of the month. However, with a strong lineup of other games quickly approaching this fall to challenge Destiny 2, the impetus will be on Bungie and Activision to keep players’ attention.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.