Destiny 2: How to Complete Crucible Pinnacle Quests in Season of the Undying

Season of the Undying is a little over halfway over, and this season introduced changes to the Crucible that make it the easiest time ever to earn current and past Crucible pinnacle weapons. Some Destiny 2 players may be sitting on the current ritual weapon quest for Randy's Throwing Knife or on past quests because, in the past, those quests required a slog through the Competitive playlist. If that's the case, players should jump on those pinnacle weapons quests right away before any possible changes can be made to the Crucible and the sandbox next season.

While developer Bungie decided to change pinnacle weapons to ritual weapons moving forward—basically giving players a curated roll rather than a Legendary weapon that very often functioned like an Exotic—many of the past pinnacle weapons are still the best weapons in the game. And the quests to get them are still available to pick up at Lord Shaxx for completion.

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Here is an updated guide to the best way to earn past and present Crucible pinnacle weapons during Destiny 2's Season of the Undying.

Randy's Throwing Knife

If players have not already earned this season's Crucible ritual weapon, Randy's Throwing Knife, they will want to jump on earning it right away. That's because the new Momentum Control playlist is active right now until November 19th, and this playlist is the key to unlocking Randy's Throwing Knife quickly. The quest steps for Randy's Throwing Knife are getting 450 scout rifle final blows, reach 2100 points/Fabled in Glory, and earn multi-kill medals.

Momentum Control is going to help players get those 450 scout rifle final blows quicker than in any playlist in the game. High-impact scout rifles will one-shot enemies in Momentum Control, which will result in way more kills than normal. Jade Rabbit and Polaris Lance are both great exotic choices. If players have a good roll on the Vex Offensive scout rifle Imperative (look for Opening Shot for increased initial accuracy or Snapshot for an overall snappier feeling), they can use that too.

To make it even easier, players can run middle tree Nightstalker, Way of the Wraith. Get those one-hit scout rifle kills while crouched to activate Flawless Execution, making players go invisible and gain Truesight, which allows players to see through walls and set up their next kill. Getting multi-kills in this fashion will also help progress the step labeled "Enemies Defeated and Medals Earned," which will progress by getting multi-kills with any kind of weapon in the Crucible.

After getting the scout rifle kills, the multi-kills will likely start progressing themselves as players continue to play Crucible and switch over to the Glory playlist to start climbing to Fabled. Getting to Fabled is going to be easier than ever for many players, as the Crucible now uses a skill ranking system that will boost players to the Glory rank the system assigns them based on their game history. This will also be easier for solo players who can now enter the Survival: Freelance playlist to play against other solo players.

Finally, cleaning up those multi-kill medals can be done with players' most comfortable weapon type. Many players are recommending using fusion rifles for this step, but it is really up to the player. If players also need to go for The Mountaintop, this will complete easily while they pursue that pinnacle weapon next.

The Mountaintop

Now going back to past pinnacle weapon quests, the next quest that should be on players' list if they have not earned it is The Mountaintop. Despite being less popular in PvE because of the nerf to auto-reload mechanics in Shadowkeep, The Mountaintop is still a very good weapon in PvP and even still in PvE. Players can utilize the higher weapon damage in the Momentum Control playlist to quickly progress this quest as well.

To get the Mountaintop, players must first reach the Brave Glory rank in Survival, which is below Fabled, and again, it should be pretty easy. Once that's done players will unlock the quest step that they will progress in Momentum Control: completing the "In Pursuit of Honor" Triumph. After this Triumph being nerfed, completing it requires 750 grenade launcher final blows, 75 grenade launcher multi-kills, and 25 Calculated Trajectory medals. Calculated Trajectory medals are earned by getting three grenade launcher kills without dying.

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The hardest part of this quest is by far getting the multi-kills, so focus on that and the other two steps should come along with it. If players have a grenade launcher in every slot, they should equip one. The only Kinetic grenade launcher is The Militia's Birthright, which is earned randomly by completing the Lake of Shadows when it is the Nightfall. Otherwise, equip an Energy grenade launcher such as Orewing's Maul, which is can drop from Iron Banner. A great choice is also the exotic Fighting Lion, especially because it uses primary ammo instead of special ammo, giving players plentiful chances to get multi-kills and Calculated Trajectory medals.

Alternatively, the exotic The Colony is a great choice for the heavy slot with its spider-bot tracking grenades. Heavy ammo is more plentiful in Momentum Control, so players should prioritize getting the heavy ammo spawns. If players prefer Fighting Lion, the Play of the Game grenade launcher is one of the best Legendary grenade launchers in the game. So then, most players will either go with an Orewing's Maul/The Colony or Fighting Lion/Play of the Game loadout.

The best subclass for this step is the top tree Nightstalker, Way of the Trapper. Select the Marksman Dodge class ability, which will auto-reload weapons upon dodging. What players will want to focus on is getting a grenade kill with their grenade launcher with only one round in it such as Orewing's Maul or Fighting Lion, then dodge to reload and then quickly fire and kill another enemy. Try shooting at an enemies' feet to get the most out of these grenade launchers.

Once players have their super, wait until getting heavy ammo to use it. Then fire the Shadowshot tether at a group of enemies, then focus fire one enemy and the damage of the heavy grenade launcher will be shared to all, killing any tethered enemy and counting each kill as a grenade launcher kill. This is still a substantial grind, but it is easier with Momentum Control being active.

The Recluse

The Recluse is actually one of the easiest weapons to earn this season and will likely happen without players even prioritizing it. The requirements for The Recluse quest are win matches in the Crucible (about 20 in Survival or Iron Banner, about 100 in other playlists) and reach Fabled Glory rank in the Survival playlist.

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Especially if players are already going for either Randy's Throwing Knife of The Mountaintop, Fabled is going to be something players need to reach already. To get to Fabled, it is going to take wins in the Survival playlist, which is going to help get the match wins requirement. If players need more wins, the very best place to grind that out is in Iron Banner when it is active, like it is at the time of this writing.


Revoker is a pinnacle sniper rifle and its quest is focused on sniper kills. The requirements to earn Revoker are getting 300 sniper rifle kills, 50 sniper rifle precision kills, and earning 3500 Glory points (total, not a 3500 Glory score). Again, Momentum Control could be a good option for players who are not good at sniping. Even the fast-firing, low-impact snipers will one-shot to the body in Momentum Control so players can take something like Twilight Oath or the new Apostate sniper rifle that is easily earned from the Altar of Sorrows event on the Moon.

Besides taking advantage of the extra lethality of Momentum Control, there are not really any tricks to making the quest for Revoker go faster. The good news is that Glory gains are generally increased this season, so getting 3500 points will be easier. It is also ok if players lose in Survival, as the quest does not track a specific rank associated with 3500 points (like the other quests that require Fabled) but total points earned, so every win contributes points to that total without losses along the way taking away points from the quest requirement.

Luna's Howl, Not Forgotten, and Redrix's Broadsword

Unfortunately, these last three pinnacle weapons did not get much easier in Season of the Undying. They are still a major grind. In fact, they may be even harder if players wait until they have already risen through the ranks of Glory before starting on getting started on the Luna's Howl quest, as kills may be harder to come by as players face harder opponents. Obviously, players will benefit from the easier Glory climb this season as well as some likely Valor rank resets that will come naturally along the way. But overall, these three weapons remain a difficult grind due to the fact that Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten take place almost entirely in the Survival playlist (so players cannot benefit from Momentum Control) and Redrix's Broadsword was designed to be less demanding in skill but very much demanding in time, which has not changed this season.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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