Destiny 2: How to Get Pinnacle Powerful Rewards Without Doing the Raid

The beginning part of each new expansion is the race to the power cap, something which had a bit more significance following the launch Destiny 2: Shadowkeep thanks to a planned weekend Raid event. Players interested in taking on the Garden of Salvation needed to quickly push beyond the 750 starting point to get as close to the hard cap of 950 as possible to stand a chance. Naturally, Raids are the best activities for players to earn the best loot like the One Thousand Voices or Divinity trace rifle. However, due to the time commitment and lack of matchmaking, taking part in these pinnacle activities may not be possible for some players.

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Thankfully, the community has managed to come across a way for players to still obtain some of the best rewards that Destiny 2 has to offer without needing to jump into raids. The trick stems from the newly added Vex invasion events that currently appear around the Moon. While most players can simply take part and earn a ton of loot, there is a trigger that players can activate to turn the event into a heroic version, similar to Public Events. Keep in mind that this can only be done twice per week per character.

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To get started, players should jump into a public event on the Moon and finish it. From there, wait in the same zone for a minute or two and a Vex Invasion event should kick off. As usual, it'll be three rounds with three Gate Lord enemies spawn in. The trick seems to be tied to Hydra enemies that appear during the event. Players should destroy them as quickly as possible, using heavy or supers to aid in that. Then finish off the Gate Lord quickly as well. If done correctly, a message appears in the bottom left corner indicating that a vex overlord has emerged from the gate network.

A huge Vex Hyrda called the Overlord spawns in as well as a huge amount of Vex adds. Not only does this boss have a large pool of health, it is also a timed fight, so players should use everything at their disposal to destroy the Overlord before it disappears. Some of the best rewards drop from this boss character, so players who don't get to Raid can find great loot here and even the potential for an exotic item like the Monte Carlo.

Players who activated the heroic switch have confirmed that the loot received from this activity was six power levels above their level, so it's a great way to really boost characters. To really take advantage of this, players should attempt to earn all of their Tier 1 and Tier 2 reward activities and from NPC vendors first. This will help maximize the power boost and the drops received from this heroic activity.

Interestingly enough, once the mission is over, a new Public Event beacon appears in the same zone which means that players who stick around can trigger this Vex Invasion event again if they follow the same steps outlined above. Keep in mind that once the event has been triggered twice, it won't be available again until the weekly reset on Tuesday.

While most players will be drowning in loot and powerful gear, the Garden of Salvation raid completion has also unlocked a new exotic quest for players to take part in. The Divinity exotic trace rifle can now be found through a new quest that is obtained near the entrance of the Garden of Salvation raid off of the Sorrow’s Harbor area. A Vex Gate can be interacted with which spawns enemies to fight and a powerful enemy called Zeteon. Taking it out drops the quest to hunt the Divinity.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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