Even though Destiny 2 has been available over a month already on consoles, there remains a lot of excitement over the PC version which arrives later this month. This will mark the first time the franchise has appeared on this platform, bringing with it a number of new enhancements and unique features like a faster framerate and 4K support. Interestingly enough, the Destiny 2 PC launch is being handled a bit differently and not unlocking for everyone all at once at midnight.

Just like many of their major events that arrive in the world of Destiny 2, the PC version unlocks officially at 10am PDT on Tuesday, October 24. For players not within that US time zone, Bungie put together a handy image showing the corresponding time for a major city within a different time zone around the world. The image doesn’t cover everyone however, so the developer has gone one step further and created an event page with converted times for many of the major cities of the world.

Unlike the console versions, players opting to jump in on the PC will need to ensure their systems are compatible with the product. While Bungie previously outlined the minimum and recommended specs back in August prior to the open beta, the studio has since updated the chart ahead of the full release. Thankfully, the specs don’t differ too much, but Bungie has added a few more details to its original chart.

Even though the PC version is launching significantly later than its console brethren, Bungie has already promised that PC players will not be left behind. Though things like the Raid won’t be available on day 1, PC players will quickly come to parity with the update and release schedule of the console versions. Not only does this include upcoming DLC, but other new features right around the corner as well like the Leviathan Raid Challenge Modes.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, and releases on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: Bungie