August 28 will bring the Destiny 2 beta to PC, and the game’s developer has revealed exactly what those on PC can expect from the upcoming beta. For anyone who played (or payed attention to) the console beta in late July, much will remain the same; however, Destiny 2 is saving one surprise for PC players.

The PC beta will be the first time players will be able to see and play a new map called Javelin-4, which will host the Control game mode in the beta. It’s unclear if the Nessus map called Endless Vale will also be available for the control mode or if Javelin-4 has replaced it. Either way, PC players (and console players that want to try out the PC version) have a new landscape to look forward to.

As far as the rest of the PC beta is concerned, the content will be the same as the version of the beta on consoles. Players will have access to the first Destiny 2 story mission called Homecoming, the Inverted Spire Strike, and the Countdown PvP mode on the Midtown map.

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While that content isn’t changing, Bungie says that the PC beta will include adjustments to the game made since the console beta, including an increase to the availability of Power ammo and a faster Super recharge rate. While that’s good news, it appears the tweaks might not be that drastic, as Bungie said the changes will be “subtle.”

Power ammo was a major point of debate among PvE players because of how limited it was during the Inverted Spire strike. It’s true that Bungie hopes to highlight the value of Power weapons in combat across Destiny 2, but most would agree the ammo drops were very few and far between.

Like the console beta, the main purpose of the beta is to test the game and backend systems on PC, which is especially important considering this is a brand-new platform for Destiny. In addition, Bungie says it wants to give PC players who have never played Destiny a taste of what the game is like, while also trying to hold back plenty of surprises for the release of the main game.

Destiny 2 releases on September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.

Source: Bungie